We posted that #IBM had been hit with #ransomware by #Stormous. Since that time we have been bombarded with questions asking for more information, asking for confidence levels, asking for free services. We know there are so many experts on LinkedIn, Twitter, various blogs, and other social media sites. We know they are thought leaders and outstanding in their fields. How do we know? Just ask them. They will tell you. I digress. Let’s focus the narrative on the right location.

  1. Ask IBM if they have been hit. Why is it that IBM is quietly asking Treadstone 71 for more information while not going public with either a denial or admittance of being hit?
    1. IBM global threat intelligence wants to know more reaching out to us directly. Really?
    2. If IBM has been hit with ransomware and they are in negotiations to recover the keys, will they go public with an announcement after they have paid the ransom (with the amount and what was encrypted)?
    3. If IBM has been hit, even there own people do not know.
    4. If they have not been hit, IBM should say so. Tell us we are wrong.
  2. Everyone wants to know the confidence level and data on the alleged attack.
    1. We discussed the status and depth of the attack with the responsible group. They are not providing details at this time. Why? Possibly due to negotiations or possibly due to a false posting.
    2. Just because we post cyber SIGINT and HUMINT data on the CyberShafarat, that does not mean we share everything. Of course, the usual trolls will claim we know nothing. So be it.
  3. Why is it that many Western cybersecurity and threat intelligence firms are getting hit with malware, hacks, and ransomware?
    1. Same old paradigm of see, detect, and arrest.
    2. Watson where are you?
      1. Have all the advertisements been worth it?
        1. Use that money to improve your products and change the paradigm.
  4. IBM is one of the same companies that sells to our enemies in Russia and China.
    1. Why do you think they could not be hacked when our enemies have the source?

الهرم الرابع The bottom line is to ask IBM and do your own research. Or better yet, harden your security controls, bleed the functionality out of every security tool you have, while performing daily tuning of your sensors. You know, the foundation elements of cybersecurity. Then you can reach out to Treadstone 71 to build a proper cyber intelligence program that teaches you how to prevent and forecast. We have trained so many in the field and continue to do so. We have seats open for our upcoming cyber counterintellligence and intelligence classes. Many who now work for the ‘threat intelligence’ and ‘cybersecurity’ leaders globally fighting in the trenches daily to shift the focus to prevention. Why not go to the source?


By Treadstone 71

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