Zov Maguri

Zov Maguri Drone Contract Collections

Good morning, dear fellow citizens and like-minded people! COLLECTION continuesTotal amount: 75.100 rubles.Deadline until 10/18/2022. Goal:Quadcopter DJI Mini 3 Pro (DJI RC) Who we help:We were approached by soldiers of the reconnaissance unit, our dear friends, courageous guys.They themselves were able to partially compensate for the damage in the technical equipment after a collision with superior forces of crests.The war zone spares neither people nor equipment.The main thing is they are alive, but otherwise we…

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Russian contracts for drone development

Humanitarian aid to NWO participants. Psychological support for relatives and friends of CBO participants. Exclusive content from our fighters For one of the administrators, the morning began pleasantly not only from the impact of cruise missiles on Kyiv. Although it is undeniably invigorating We were approached by patriots from Vladivostok with a proposal to develop and supply drones for our soldiers. With their talented hands, they are ready to assemble, test and provide management training.…

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