Old UAV Training Document from Creech shared via adversary channels

Joint Unmanned Aircraft SystemCenter of Excellence(JUAS-COE)ARMYTACTICAL POCKET GUIDEOrganic/Non OrganicGroup 3/4/5 UAS THIS PUBLICATION IS A FIRST iN SERIES. THIS DOCUMENT WILL BEUPDATED PERIODICALLY AND WILL BE SUPERSEEDED AT VARIOUS TIMESTHIS PUBLICATION IS DATED FEBRUARY 2010FOR PERIODIC UPDATES TO THISDOCUMENT PLEASE GO TOUSJFCOM Portal:https://us.jfcom.mi/sites/juas/pages/default.aspx To register for a USJFCOM Portal account, please go to on "Register your CAC" and follow the screen prompts.Issued by authority of the Commander, Joint Unmanned Aircraft Systems Center ofExcellence, 4250…

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When #Wagner and #Russia Experienced a can of Whoop-A$$

Under directions from Moscow, ‘The Battle of Khasham’ saw US troops rout Russian mercenaries in Syria. Putin is still smarting as is Utkin. Russian mercenaries essentially sent to die in an ill-conceived advance on a US-held position in Syria. Polygraph says the audio recordings are from a source close to the Kremlin. The Pentagon has described the attack as "unprovoked" and started by forces loyal to the Syrian government that crossed over the Euphrates…

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USAF Surveillance RCs followed by Russian NOTAM

Today, 3 US Air Force reconnaissance aircraft are working over the territory of Ukraine and in the Black Sea region at once - the Boeing E-8C Joint STARS combat control and target designation aircraft, the US Air Force, airborne 95-0121, the US Air Force electronic intelligence aircraft Boeing RC-135V Rivet Joint, board 63- 9792, US Air Force Boeing RC-135W Rivet Joint electronic intelligence aircraft board 62-4134. Russia issued a NOTAM notice from February 13 to…

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