Russia Shifts Disinformation Targets – Приднестровье

Russian Social Media proxies reflect a massive shift towards Transnistria with duplicative disinformation postings across multiple platforms. This indicator of change is a precursor to kinetic action in Western Ukraine and Moldova. The Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security has collected the main fakes and narratives of Russian propaganda over the past day. Transnistrians will be spammed by plans for "Ukrainian shelling"Russia believes that Romania will seize MoldovaHelicopter image of Lavrov in the United…

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Intelligence company executives plead guilty to surveillance case in Romania

Intelligence company executives plead guilty to surveillance case in Romania The Romanian Organized Crime Prosecutor's Office has demanded lenient sentences after private intelligence company Black Cube executives Dan Zorella, Avi Janus and Gal Farchi confessed to spying on Romania's National Anti-Corruption Directorate chief prosecutor Laura Covesi, who is currently head of the European Prosecutor's Office. The Romanian prosecutor's office accuses the leaders and employees of Black Cube of organizing a criminal group, illegal access to…

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Paperwork assistance for residents of the DPR

Consultation and assistance in paperwork on the territory of Ukraine for residents of the DPR - Donetsk People's Republic SERVICES WITH DEPARTURE to the territory of Ukraine (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mariupol and other cities of Donetsk region): insert photo 25/45 years old) minimum package of documents) FOR 1 DAY. (It is possible to paste a photo without leaving). Also, after pasting, you can immediately leave through the Crimea and not issue a passport (child /…

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