Developers of Behnama

Well, the developers of Behnama made our task easy to track them. One of the files is likely signed at the end... Ego isn't good for this kind of project guys!Huma Fekri Yousefi Jafari (Image Processing) Akbari (Backend Developer) Vatandoost (software dev) Eizadyar (CEO FANAP Infra) Eshghali (Director Of Fanap Mobile) Aghayan (Software engineer) Hatami Sameti Aghapour Ghafarnia (hacker) Piri Lavi ZahiriNilufar HushiaripoorSahand AbbasiShahab RouzmahMaral SoheiliFound here: /ANALYZER/CORE/FACE_RECOGNITION/OUTPUTS/embeddings.pickleAnyone having information on these traitors, feel free…

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When the Threat Actor and the Victim Agree

When the Threat Actor and the Victim Agree Iran has a longstanding history of engaging in cybersecurity attacks, and according to some statistics, ranks fifth among nations known for targeting their adversaries through cyber warfare. Over the years, Iran has unleashed hacker groups against various countries, with little regard to the potential risks to its own internal security systems. This paradox is evident: despite its aggressive cyber offense, Iran has failed to adequately safeguard its…

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FANAP Update Behnama

UPDATE Fanap has denied to have sell the Behnama software to any company, and said it is use only internally. Then why their developers are literally saying on LinkedIn that it was successfully implemented in all Pasargad Bank? And why the name of MIDHCO appear in the files? Also, they promote the installation of surveillance system for various companies on their website, they just don't specify it use facial recognition! Please, try again 😂 One…

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