Wilderness of Shlemiels 

Thurs 9:15 AM Moscone South 307. Treadstone 71 talk on adversary infiltration target centric DandD @RSAConference ‬ Register ahead of time for a seat Be there!

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Full Suite of Cyber-Threat Intelligence and Counterintelligence Courses Ready for Global Delivery

HALF MOON BAY, CA (PRWEB) JANUARY 25, 2017 Treadstone 71 today announced a full suite of Cyber and Threat Intelligence and CounterIntelligence training courses. The courses drive the expansion of Treadstone 71’s accelerated, academically validated, intelligence training to global markets. Treadstone 71 delivers courses in California, Virginia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands and is set to expand to the Middle East and Asia later this year. ( Treadstone 71 offers a compelling business…

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The Utilization and Management of Sockpuppets within Online Communities – Melissa Morris

Abstract The Internet is the principle arena for online communication. Within the online community, individuals can choose who they are. If a member chooses an online identity that is something other than who they are in real life, then the identity created is a sockpuppet. The purpose of this research was to examine the utilization and management of sockpuppets within online communities. What are the ethical and legal boundaries in the use of sockpuppets within…

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