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Staff and students at Tarbist Modarres University were victims of the Ministry of Intelligence!

Databases at Tarbiat Modarres University have been hacked and infiltrated by unauthorized and unauthorized operations by the cyberattacher of the General Directorate 31332.

The Attorney General and the Ministry of Information must be held accountable to whom and to what extent such permission has been given to the massive espionage of the nation by the Vaja?

The Ministry of Intelligence under the guise of an institution called Rana, hacked the systems of this university and 1750 university professors!


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Excel file containing database of Shahid Beheshti University and full details of personnel, students, account numbers, password and password of bank account, emails and …

Vaja’s cyberattacking unit does not have any limits for its outrageous and illegal conduct.They have hacked the servers of the universities of the country stealing information from staff and students. One of these universities can be Tarbiat Modarres UniversityRana’s Intelligent Computing Institute; Tarbiat Modarres University’s databases have been hacked to collect personal information from university staff, students and professors, including bank details, national numbers, etc., and for many years listening and eavesdropping on the whole university and its students. In order to prevent any abuse, personal details are blacked out. Have you been the target of this cyber-espionage operation?
@jabeh_siahDeveloper’s Database file; this file contains full name, father’s name, marital status, place of work, organizational status, student number, staff number, password and password, account number and email…Which authority has allowed such large blind spy operations?If you say, “enemy of the nation!” Namely, Vaja is the most anti-cadre institution created after the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Iran, and has designed all its goals against the Iranian people.Vaja, Enemy of the nation!As we have already protested, we oublished the undisputed documentation of the unethical and illegal spying by the Ministry of Information of the Islamic Republic of Iran against Iranian citizens and other countries.If the scandal happened in any other country, it would have led to the dismissal, impeachment, resignation and even arrest of the relevant security authorities, like the forced resignations in the American case of Watergate in the 1970s.Regarding the #hacking of UK News of the World in 2011 of four thousand citizens while paper was forced closed. The British prime minister personally apologized. Recently, the British Defense Minister was fired yesterday in connection with the information gathered by the National Security Council on Huawei.The current regime in Iran is smug and will not admit anything much less identify this as a problem.Domestic and foreign human rights activists and international organizations should not be silent about this.This is the work of the Ministry of Intelligence (#Vaja), the explicit violation of international law and the internal laws of the Republic of the Republic of Principles 25, 9 and 37 of the Constitution that states: no one has the right to the slightest espionage of citizens, except by an official ruling by proper authorities.The authorities, meanwhile, are not entitled to violate the legitimate rights of the people just based on suspicion or in the name of preserving the independence and territorial integrity of the country. Which court and law has allowed such a large number of Iranian spies to be deployed?Immediate action: The espionage of the nation is not only illegal, but also unethical. What moral code gives you the right to spy on the people?! What Islamic Court dared issue such a religious license and to violate our rights?There must be security for the citizens and the preservation of rights of our citizens. But these measures have shown their hostility to the Iranian nation as a whole, and even to the citizens of other countries. We wait for the Iranian people to respond!Do not allow the blood of hundreds of thousands of martyrs be dishonored while traitors violate our liberties and security.
@jabeh_siahWe have so much documentation (truck loads) from the Ministry of Intelligence.
If the audience does get tired of this data, we will publish more. From Yazdi, Salehi and Adib to the Deputy Economic Directorate (who are corrupt themselves) and …
We will check more tonight. Probably publishDay 2☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆Following the massive spyware disclosure of millions of Iranian and non-Iranian citizens, hacking bank accounts and theft of others, we are now going to introduce people who have turned themselves into tools at the disposal of senior executives in order to spy on illegal people, and in Indeed, the seller of personal information and citizenship rights have been sold to [people].These are the salespersons and they do not care about their homeland, honor, etc., and they sell it for their own benefit.Many of these people, in the service of the Vaja, are aware of the anti-personnel espionage activities to crack down, abduct, and settle illegal government accounts. …Our goal is to reveal the identity of these people (or better to say this tool!), To identify them and impose the minimum cost of scandal on them, that there is some type of consequences for their actions.@jabeh_siahIdentification of serial numbers, real names, identification codes and information of agents selling and injuring the General Office of the Ministry of Information Office 31332Â In the above screenshot, you will find a list of the most influential people in the Deputy Directorate of Operations # 31332 of the Ministry of Intelligence, which is a collection of voters #antispasmodic vacancies.These are the real names and codes of old and new agents and anti-personnel workers that have caused the misery of thousands of individuals and families.These are the ones who have voluntarily or unwittingly or are complicit in the criminal theft and corruption, and we know each of them well and have documents of their vicious acts, their wounds, files and thefts.March 15 info from Treadstone 71 on RanaThere are many officers and technical agents who work honestly and have not robbed and are not corrupt like those on this list. So we do not publish their names due to the knowledge and documents we have.Our mission is to fight anti-corruption corruptors.
@jabeh_siahVaja officials…This is to tell you that we have the information on all your families including your sisters, mothers, brothers, and fathers, and …. We will publish everyone if you attempt to take any action against or in anyway threaten the agents or families of the media agents of the black box.We will track your behavior and we will respond to each negative action individually. You simply raise the cost of this information scandal against yourselves by persisting, bullying, and threatening.@jabeh_siah#Disclosure_statement
Fiscal and organizational status of each employee and personnel of the Rana Intelligent Computing Institute, in the department of anti-espionage (Directorate General 31332) of the Ministry of IntelligenceAs you can see in the picture, the managers of Rana Institute are the same officials of the Office of General Antitrust 31332We also believe that the liaison offices of the general offices of #Vaja are listed on the chart. They link Rana to have them examine cases and files, and targets for hacking, eavesdropping, and tracking.
@jabeh_siahThe internal and direct telephone numbers of the two major building depots for cyber attacks in Vaja located under the umbrella of the Rana Smart Computing Institute located in two separate buildings within Shariati Avenue.Iranians Turning in Iranians موسسه محاسبات هوشمند رانا – All to preserve the ‘values’ of the Revolution /

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