Seizure at Tehran University


Video shows students in the auditorium scolding authorities and demanding the release of Marzieh Amiri, a detained journalist. Arrested at a May 1, 2019, rally by labor rights activists marking May Day outside Iran’s parliament in Tehran. Reports from Iran say a correspondent for a state-approved newspaper has been detained in a Tehran prison ward run by intelligence agents after she attended a rally by labor activists outside parliament.Radio Farda cited eyewitnesses as saying Iranian security forces arrested at least 35 people as they broke up the rally, beating some of those detained. Radio Farda said most of those detained were labor rights activists who had gathered peacefully to demand better working and living conditions.

Today, the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Tehran during the International Communication Day conference, a professor took a cellphone used to record the protest of the seizure of Marzieh. The #Basij attacked the woman. Male students of the university stood up voicing support.


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