Good Morning Lockheed Martin Terrorist Organization

The world’s best Akamai defense system has fallen off Lockheed Martin. Perhaps they realized that it is not necessary to help the terrorists!

All systems below RIP:

This system is the property of Lockheed Martin and its subsidiaries and affiliates (“LM”) and is intended for use by authorized users only.

Authorization system for Lockheed Martin employees:

“NASA” Smart Card Authorization System Killed + RSA Authorization Token + Agency User Indicator!

DUMP the data of all applicants for a job at Lockheed Martin.

Get agency user ID.

Russian hack groups are joining the large-scale blocking of Lockheed Martin electronic identification systems:

“Anonymous Russia”
The official Anonymous RF community, based on volunteering against unscrupulous countries, etc.


Do you want to make a DDoS attack? Then you are at the right place. We have a great person who helps us in attacks and has a great stresser!

What do you get?
– Bypass popular protections such as: Qrator Labs, Cloudflare UAM / Captcha, DDOS-GUARD and others
— Logging is not conducted, there are only attack IDs, for statistics
— Cheap prices
— Layer 4 • Layer 7
– Frequent update
— Powerful dedicated servers

Then we leave his contacts:
Channel: @stressid
— Stresser: https://stressid.club/panel/login.php?carbon

Russian hackers hacked the largest defense company Lockheed Martin. It is she who produces the very HIMARS that are supplied to Ukraine.

KillMilk, Russian Anonymous and Carbonsec teamed up for the cyberstrike. The authorization system for employees, the NASA card authorization system were broken, and the data of all candidates for work in the company was also received.

Employees cannot connect to remotely. Meanwhile, the Lockheed Martin website also went down.

Lockheed Martin’s system administrators are working hard to stop billions of requests to their servers. As for the identification systems at NASA, the admin stopped responding with the block “maybe hung himself”

If only everyone on the fund massively shorted $LMT to collapse financially this desk

International volunteer movement “STOP-NATO / STOP-NATO”.Crimea,

Join our movement!
Website: stopnato.rf / stopnatorf.ru

By Treadstone 71

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