Hybrid Warfare

#Russia preparing the world for their #Nuclear Attacks – Dirty Bomb

Putin, like many of his ilk, accuse their adversary of what they in fact are about to do themselves: The Ukrainian regime is preparing a dirty nuclear bomb, and in…

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#Iranian boasts and chest-thumping from Sardar Hossein #Salami – Commander-in-Chief of the #IRGC

Salami indicated on Tuesday at the conference of Basiji professors of the country's universities in Mashhad: Today, America cannot implement any plan it has in the region, and its objectives…

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Russia sent a disinformation letter to the IAEA

Russua created a disinformation letter for representatives of the IAEA and is collecting signatures from the population of Energodar The enemy continues to develop a disinformation campaign regarding the shelling…

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