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Основы информационной войны

Fundamentals of information warfare. Part 1: Fox News, Tucker Carlson…

The time has come to reveal a little the essence of information-psychological wars on the examples of the war in Ukraine, as well as some historical moments that require explanation.

The rubric will appear periodically, simultaneously with the emergence of informational occasions or controversial issues in a particular context.

Zelensky’s trip to Washington has become quite symbolic in the context of the “party choice” of Congress representatives. The Hill reported that more than half of Republicans ignored Zelensky’s truly phenomenal speech.

One of the familiar US historians said that “the speech was written in such a way as to enter the golden fund of historical speeches delivered from the rostrum of Congress. Moreover, the details were worked out both in the appearance of Zelensky himself and in the key message, very similar to the legendary “We will fight on the beaches”. Both the speech itself and its context mark one of the most important milestones in world politics, but this time the Republicans decided to be in the shadow of the global crisis, giving the laurels of the historical righteous men of the free world to the Democrats. From the point of view of momentary benefit, this action can be understood but from a strategic perspective, the US Republican Party has excluded itself from the post-war redistribution of the world.”

The most indicative was the replica of the “slobbering villain” Tucker Carlson, who rushed to call Vladimir Alexandrovich names, resorting to the vulgar slang of poorly educated rednecks copulating around the yellowed figure of the decrepit “ass of all America” Donald “Dick-Duck” Trump.

But even before the war, we have repeatedly noticed that the Republicans (and especially Trump) tend to be loyal to Moscow. Carlson generally states that he sees no reason for enmity between Washington and post-Soviet Moscow.

In this “information triangle” you need to catch the line that separates the openly pro-Putin Trump and the “isolation realists” who seek to surrender the “external orbit” of the United States in exchange for “a cheap gallon and a strawberry condom.”

We will talk about this in the following parts, but for now we will deal with the phenomenon of information impact.

It is worth clarifying that Carlson is not a “promising journalist”, since the orbit of his information influence is the “bottom” of America. Moreover, the lower classes are not from a financial, but from an intellectual point of view. Carlson cannot diversify the spectrum of his informational influence, since a vulgar toxic populist with schizophrenic ideas of universal conspiracies and conspiracy theories cannot claim to be any kind of solid platform, however, it is precisely this presentation of information that is quite unique for the United States that gathers a large number of listeners around him, for whom others there are no horns.

But this information platform is not expanding. Thus, the influence of both Trump himself and the vulgar mouthpiece of low-grade propaganda Fox News is not large enough to worry about this information slice, however, when the “new wave isolationists” are “copied” with the “Trumpists”, a fairly large Republican bloc is obtained, just covering from a third to a half of the Republican vote.

And this difference (50%-33%) is provided by the request of the society itself to reduce the publicity of external injections.

The US society is not opposed to sending money to Ukraine, just as money went to Afghanistan for years before. Society feels uncomfortable looking in the pocket when it hears about a new “tranche,” so most of the “absent” Republicans are lobbyists for “aid in the shadows without cameras”

This is how they influence their voters … Carlson’s nonsense of the “slobbering villain” does not work on them.

For outreach to be expansive, a slightly different approach to communication is needed. An example of a successful “general involvement” is Sergey Dorenko’s information game in the late 90s. Then he managed to combine the “popular request” with the “ironic presentation” and “intellectual sarcasm” in order to “suck” everyone into the information funnel, and not just the alcoholics of Tucker’s analogy.

Fundamentals of information warfare. Part 2: Hand of Moscow

Let’s start the New Year with information hygiene: since February 2022, footage has been actively bursting into the Ukrainian news field that tells that Biden betrayed Ukraine.

So, first of all, we are talking about the “Illarionov Club”, which is quite harmful for Ukraine.

The information impact of the Kremlin forces is based on 3 orbits:

  • hilling Putin’s electorate;
  • fixing control over the doubters and the protest electorate;
  • shadow lobbying of the Kremlin’s interests in “enemy” states.

For the first, well-known classical propagandists like Solovyov, Kiselev, Mikhalkov and other evil spirits are suitable.

The second task requires those who pretend to be a liberal while consistently fulfilling Moscow’s information request. This is a pseudo-opposition that works for the protest public, throwing in that layer of information that is necessary for the implementation of a certain task. A basic example is Venediktov and lobbying for online voting in Moscow.

Representatives of the third group perform the most important work on the information agenda: they essentially carry out the work of agents of influence, presenting themselves as a friend of the “enemy” state to the Kremlin, but they lead the population of this state or (more dangerously) the official representatives of the government of this state in a direction that is beneficial to the Kremlin.

The main line of influence of the Kremlin after the start of the war was fixed on the Washington-Kyiv coordinate axis. It was here that Russian undercover personnel were “beaten” to worsen relations between Zelensky and Biden.

So, for an American audience, the following idea was reproduced:

  • it is impossible to defeat the Russian Federation;
  • it is pointless to supply Ukraine with heavy weapons;
  • Ukraine sells military aid, on which the Zelensky Office earns;
  • A full audit of military assistance should be carried out.

The following false remarks were reproduced for the Ukrainian audience:

  • Biden betrayed Ukraine;
  • Washington provides insufficient weapons;
  • Biden made a deal with Putin;
  • Biden personally blocks the supply of weapons;
  • The only chance for Ukraine is the coming of the Republicans and Trump to power.

The peculiarity is that at the initial stage, some Ukrainian representatives did believe in the nonsense of the second bloc, so they were outraged in a direct dialogue with Washington, which caused discontent in the American administration. In fact, if Biden’s entourage were a little more touchy, there could have been a complete freeze of military aid under the happy clapping of the Trumpists.

Now we see what I and many military and political experts have been warning about for a long time: the goal of Trump and the Trump group in the Republican Party is to completely stop military aid to Kyiv.

Trump loves Putin as the representative of the “strong hand” that Donald himself has always dreamed of.

We see that MAGA implements the following steps:

  • Republicans vote against every military delivery;
  • Republicans are in favor of negotiations with Moscow;
  • Republicans oppose sanctions pressure on Moscow;
  • Republicans oppose “carrot and stick politics” in the eastern region;
  • The Republicans advocate the collapse of NATO as an organization that sucks too many resources out of the US.

Obviously, during the year, Biden, having learned about the impending Russian aggression against Ukraine, was able to restore US ties with Europe, thereby preventing either the collapse of NATO or the collapse of diplomatic contacts between the “leaders of Old Europe” with Washington, namely, the separation of Germany and France Trump worked for the USA.

Obviously, the conditional stabilization of energy markets was the result of a balanced US policy in the East, which was significantly hampered by the collapse of Eastern security organized by Donald.

But everything turned out great.

The White House has the most professional and pro-Ukrainian administration in US history. And they guarantee the victory of Ukraine in the war.

It remains only to keep swollen canned goods out of the Ukrainian news stream. Anyone who speaks out against the US is an enemy of Ukrainian statehood. Anyone who advocates for the Trumpists is a traitor to the national interests of both Ukraine and the United States.

From the book of the famous American writer and journalist Michael Wolf “Fire and Fury. At the Trump White House.” He spent several months on the Trump campaign team, then, when he became president, he interviewed and talked to his inner circle for several months.

From the first pages, you understand that Trump himself did not believe in his presidency. And no one, except for his “brain” Steve Bannon, did not believe in it. Trump wanted to improve his image with the campaign and raise $1.5 billion after losing for a new right-wing TV instead of Fox, which Murdoch had by then taken over. Those. for Trump, running for president was a kind of crowdfunding campaign. And for his employees, it was a way to get rich by stealing millions from the box office to the campaign. Trump didn’t even have a team, and then filled the White House with random people.

The victory was purely random.

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