Initiating Ping Scan at 19:36

Scanning ( [2 ports]

Completed Ping Scan at 19:36, 0.23s elapsed (1 total hosts)

Initiating Parallel DNS resolution of 1 host. at 19:36

Completed Parallel DNS resolution of 1 host. at 19:36, 0.01s elapsed

Initiating Connect Scan at 19:36

Scanning ( [1000 ports]

Discovered open port 80/tcp on

Discovered open port 53/tcp on

Discovered open port 443/tcp on

Completed Connect Scan at 19:36, 25.28s elapsed (1000 total ports)

Nmap scan report for (

Host is up (0.27s latency).

Not shown: 997 filtered ports


53/tcp  open  domain

80/tcp  open  http

443/tcp open  https


Platform: x86_64-pc-linux-gnu

Compiled with: liblua-5.3.3 openssl-1.1.1g libssh2-1.8.0 libz-1.2.11 libpcre-8.39 nmap-libpcap-1.7.3 nmap-libdnet-1.12 ipv6

Compiled without:

Available nsock engines: epoll poll select

————— Timing report —————

  hostgroups: min 1, max 100000

  rtt-timeouts: init 1000, min 100, max 10000

  max-scan-delay: TCP 1000, UDP 1000, SCTP 1000

  parallelism: min 0, max 0

  max-retries: 10, host-timeout: 0

  min-rate: 0, max-rate:


32/tcp    closed unknown         conn-refused

33/tcp    closed dsp             conn-refused

53/tcp    open   domain          syn-ack

80/tcp    open   http            syn-ack

407/tcp   closed timbuktu        conn-refused

427/tcp   closed svrloc          conn-refused

443/tcp   open   https           syn-ack

465/tcp   closed smtps           conn-refused

497/tcp   closed retrospect      conn-refused

514/tcp   closed shell           conn-refused

548/tcp   closed afp             conn-refused

722/tcp   closed unknown         conn-refused

801/tcp   closed device          conn-refused

808/tcp   closed ccproxy-http    conn-refused

873/tcp   closed rsync           conn-refused

901/tcp   closed samba-swat      conn-refused

1021/tcp  closed exp1            conn-refused

1036/tcp  closed nsstp           conn-refused

1047/tcp  closed neod1           conn-refused

1049/tcp  closed td-postman      conn-refused

1054/tcp  closed brvread         conn-refused

1063/tcp  closed kyoceranetdev   conn-refused

1076/tcp  closed sns_credit      conn-refused

1078/tcp  closed avocent-proxy   conn-refused

1081/tcp  closed pvuniwien       conn-refused

1086/tcp  closed cplscrambler-lg conn-refused

1094/tcp  closed rootd           conn-refused

1102/tcp  closed adobeserver-1   conn-refused

1104/tcp  closed xrl             conn-refused

1107/tcp  closed isoipsigport-2  conn-refused

1113/tcp  closed ltp-deepspace   conn-refused

1119/tcp  closed bnetgame        conn-refused

1123/tcp  closed murray          conn-refused

1138/tcp  closed encrypted_admin conn-refused

1154/tcp  closed resacommunity   conn-refused

1165/tcp  closed qsm-gui         conn-refused

1217/tcp  closed hpss-ndapi      conn-refused

1218/tcp  closed aeroflight-ads  conn-refused

1244/tcp  closed isbconference1  conn-refused

1271/tcp  closed excw            conn-refused

1311/tcp  closed rxmon           conn-refused

1328/tcp  closed ewall           conn-refused

1433/tcp  closed ms-sql-s        conn-refused

1443/tcp  closed ies-lm          conn-refused

1455/tcp  closed esl-lm          conn-refused

By Treadstone 71

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