Israeli attacks Iranian weapons caches near Damascus

Israel attacked weapons depots near Damascus airport Thursday night during four raids, and in another attack targeted the Syrian Army’s 91st Brigade positions in Alekseh, south of Damascus.

The attacks came hours after Iran’s cargo of weapons arrived at Damascus International Airport. The missiles were directed from the Golan Heights.Syrian media reported their air defenses stopped “hostile targets” over the capital.The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed that during the Israeli raids, weapons caches were targeted near Damascus, adding that “the extent of the damage is not yet known.”Statement by the Syrian Ministry of Defense:At 23:45 local time on 2/20/20, Syrian Army defensive systems were able to detect a number of missiles fired from the Golan. Army air defense intercepts and destroys rockets before they reach their targetsF-16 fighter jets fired several missiles at Damascus airport and in Aleksu area but failed to penetrate Syrian defenses.