Dear peers and Mujahideen in Safat’s rapid response cyber campaign team — FROM: مصطفى فتح الهی


Considering the beginning of a new sedition by the enemies of this border and region, which started with the aim of creating insecurity and civil war, and they have come to the field with all their might this time to implement the strategy of Syrianization in Iran by creating psychological operations on a large scale and our country. lead to chaos and urban war, we as the soldiers of this revolution in the cyber space must fulfill our duty to protect the Islamic Republic.

Therefore, Safat’s #cyber campaign intends to stand in front of the entire front of disbelief and defend the Islamic revolution in an endless operation.

The main content of the operation: Enlightenment and disclosure of the enemy’s plan for our country, as well as emphasizing the unity of all of Iran, regardless of taste, to confront the enemies and that they will bury the desire to divide this country.

Operation start time: Right now

Operation hashtag: #All_for_Iran



Safat Cyber ​​Campaign Group
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The recent unrest. ناآرامی های اخیر

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Safat cyber campaign group

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