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I came across a very strange training manual for the so-called “Ukrainian opposition channels” (in fact, channels that pretend to be Ukrainian, although they are run by people associated with the special services of the Russian Federation).

So, within the framework of the information-psychological war, Russia will focus on the following fakes, inserting them into the mouths of pseudo-insiders from the Office of the President:

– Zelensky wants to remove Zaluzhny, because he is a threat to his rating. (The first message that Zaluzhny would be removed was published in the very first week of his activity as commander in chief: since then, rumors about Zaluzhny’s resignation have not decreased, but Zaluzhny himself is still in office).
– Zaluzhny will be “hanged” on a future failure in the counterattack on Kherson: Zelensky “invented” a provocation, forcing Zaluzhny to enter into a deliberately impossible military adventure. (I would like to remind you that Zelensky announced Kherson personally, so his reputation suffers from failure much more than Zaluzhny’s reputation. Nevertheless, some time ago we really had the same “failed” incident that could be used as a reason for resignation – this is the rapid fall of Lisichansk, as well as a rather unsuccessful tactical step, as a result of which the Russians managed to avoid a “closed boiler” in one of the directions. But for some reason they did not use it, now they need to come up with a new one.)
– The growing rating of Zaluzhny is a threat to the falling rating of Zelensky. (Zaluzhny’s rating is colossal in the military environment, so any reshuffling with Zaluzhny will primarily hit Zelensky’s reputation, both in civilian and military circles. Moreover, significant changes in the military leadership will cause turbulence in the strategic actions of the Ukrainian army, due to which is likely to cause failures in some areas during the stabilization period, which, again, will cause a drop in Zelensky’s rating and an increase in Zaluzhny’s rating)

The second block of the manual:
– The West is tired of the war in Ukraine, so it continues to reduce military aid (False: the United States in August delivered a record amount of funds in monetary terms.)
– The West is preparing the “murder” of Zelensky to turn him into a sacred symbol of resistance, and a new face will be put in his place. (I won’t even comment on this: the senile nonsense from Putin’s nocturnal emissions does not arouse any interest)
– The West is pushing Zelensky to blow up the nuclear power plant (another schizophrenic idea. The spread of radiation will cover most of the EU countries, which is a negative and unacceptable scenario, based on which the Kremlin threatens to blow up the nuclear power plant if Putin fails to “freeze the war”.)
– In winter, Europe will freeze and agree to the lobbying of “exchanging Ukraine for Russian gas” (Europe has begun a “final” reorientation to alternative suppliers, and no “cold winters” will cancel the position of the energy “cancellation of Russia”, no matter how much the Kremlin forces write about it. )

From these reports, it is easy to see the Kremlin’s task to sow doubt in the ranks of the Ukrainian army. The leadership of Ukraine should be perceived by the military as enemies who want to remove Zaluzhny, and the West should be perceived as an unreliable partner who sleeps and sees how to “throw” Ukraine, simultaneously making it a “nuclear exclusion zone.”

Follow the abstracts that are published by the channels. The repetition of the ideas presented above is proof of direct work for the FSB.

By Treadstone 71

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