Official details from the scene of the murder of Dasha Dugina tonight.

The denazification and demilitarization of Zombie continues: the daughter of one of the most odious advisers of Kremlin Nazism, Dugin, went to a concert with Kobzon.

In principle, it is hard to imagine a bloodier ideologue of Nazism than Dugin: he, unlike many pathological killers, is a deeply ideologically savvy “maniac of Nazi imperialism.” And, like any ideologue, he explains his cruel mania to destroy all Western humanity with religious, spiritual concepts.

There are two versions of the murder:
– Ukrainian saboteurs
– intra-clan struggle

The version about the involvement of saboteurs from Ukraine can still be considered untenable. There is no evidence. Moreover, colleagues from Ukraine categorically reject their interest in Dugin, and even more so in his daughter (who was killed by accident: the main target is Dugin, after all).

But an intra-clan struggle seems quite likely, since they tried to strike out of the game the generally trusted (although now there was a serious distance between the two Nazis) face of Putin. Allegorically, the murder became “the head of a pig on the threshold of a country house”

Dugin: “Ukrainians need to be killed, killed and killed, I’m telling you as a professor.”

Moreover, Dugin fell into the “sight” of one of the power competing blocs. This confirms the earlier published information that the failures in the war increase the internal seething of the elites in the struggle for the post-Putin throne.

And the place of “ideologists who have a place in a psychiatric hospital” is claimed by “people of strength, not ideas.”

And Dugin became a bargaining chip, which court jesters and “royal whisperers” always are.

The following are taken from Russian sites already spreading false attribution with evidence

On the fact of murder in a generally dangerous way, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation initiated a criminal case. Presumably, an explosive device was planted in the car, after the operation of which the car caught fire. Approximately the power of a non-enveloped VU was about 400 grams of TNT.

The girl’s father was driving in another car right behind her, the explosion occurred in front of him.

I subscribe to every word of Karulny Z!

Today, a car was blown up in which was the daughter of the philosopher Dugin – Daria. Presumably, Alexander Gelievich himself was supposed to drive in this car, but Dasha sat in the car. Explosive device detonated. Dasha is no more.

The terrorist act was committed in Moscow. Presumably Ukrainian DRG. Once again: Ukrainian DRG blows up the car of an intellectual close to Putin in the Russian capital.

Dasha Dugina was a very smart and beautiful girl, I listened with great interest to her performance in the studio of Ordinary Tsarism a month ago. Now, under this video, pigheads have come running, who are diligently competing in who will most caustically mock the deceased.

For a very long time I did not want to write radically on this channel, urging Ukrainians to come to their senses. Frankly, I no longer believe that the enemy is able to take his head and start thinking logically.

Ukrainianism is a fucking sect clinging to the boobs of a NATO transgender. The Ukrainian is not interested in the fact that the collective West uses his country as a battering ram for Russia – the main thing is the opportunity to repair toilet bowls in Europe and trade oneself on the Red Light District. And how much blood and tears will be paid for this bright dream, the Ukrainian does not care, because blood and tears are the currency of Ukrainians.

Ukrainians is a terrorist group that has taken possession of an entire state and made the state itself an instrument of its monstrous crimes. Ukraine has been shelling the cities of Donbass for 8 years, trying to arrange a provocation at the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant, staged a stunt in Bucha, and now it is blowing up people in the Russian capital.


I will do everything possible to make the terrorist state of Ukraine disappear from the world map.

I will do everything in my power to prevent media personalities who sympathize with Ukraine from returning to Russia.

I will denounce traitors, cowards and simply fools, out of ignorance or malice, supporting the enemy.

I will invest in the fact that the Russian people of Ukraine are integrated into our society.

I will do everything in my power to make Russia a prosperous and advanced country. Our Russian Motherland.

I will take care of my native culture and natural resources of our Motherland.

I will do everything so that the voice of a Russian person will never fall silent.

Dasha Dugina went to heaven.
The pigheads will just die.

Kholmogorov: U.S. hands of Ukrainians hit the decision-making center in Russia

The murder of Daria Dugina is nothing but a blow to the real center of decision-making in Russia, political expert Yegor Kholmogorov is sure.

According to the publicist, it was Dugin who was the generator of ideas, which were then adopted in the so-called “decision-making centers”. Only by chance he was not in the blown up car.

“The enemy is not playing partners, but is actually waging a war of annihilation with us. We will be ready,” Kholmogorov warned.

He added that the Kyiv regime itself was not able to plan such a daring sabotage, the developers and customers of the attack, and possibly the executors, were the CIA and MI6 special services.

PUTIN on Telegram

Daria posting

A couple of considerations in the development of the theme of Azovstal as a symbol. Not ethereal.

Azovstal became a brand, a media-enhanced phenomenon, a symbol (*in the ancient Greek mysteries, a symbol was a secret word, a password, some thing, for example, a half of a broken coin, by which the Initiates into the sacraments recognized each other – σύμβολον – Azovstal became such a revealed password). A symbol is a mystical concept, for which there is no precisely fixed meaning, and in this sense it is always polysemantic, it is a connotation (denoting) that does not have a denotation (a designated object).

Azovstal – in the eyes of the Western media – is a reference to the West, and to the confrontation of civilizations, or more precisely, to the clash, and to the frontier of the Heartland, and to tons of weapons and warehouses, and to Russophobia (so supported by American elites around the world), and to confrontation geopolitical enemy – Russia, and to Rimland, which has fallen into the globalist agenda. Azovstal with dark corridors, basement bunkers and rooms was a symbol of globalism and the West as such. Which was hit. On which there was a highly professional spot work. Both the Western media and the directors of the “society of the spectacle” understood everything perfectly. This symbol was needed like an adrenaline rush to a dying person – they held on to AzovStal like the last thread.

The symbol is the field of art, constant subtexts, references to something else, multiple interpretations. Cassirer had the idea that in artistic creation (literary text or visual arts) a symbol is “objectified” through artistic tropes (metaphors, comparisons, metonyms). If we continue this thought a little, then in the political creativity of the globalist world, the symbol was “objectified” by means of AzovStal, Volyn-Kalyn-Ptichek and all others like them.

Further: AzovStal – an underground space that offered the exchange of civilians for food (in calculations, 1 ton for 15 people leads to the figure 66, kg of food per person, maybe a coincidence, but …) – that is, animate for inanimate. Peaceful people there were like prisoners of hell. AzovStal with its cellars, burrows, backwaters – as if an ideal space and an illustration for the work of Reza Negerestani. What did the people of Azov take care of so closely and why did they not give up? Cross “Akhta” (myth of Cyclonopedia)? What was hiding there in the “perforated space”, the wormy composite of factory corridors? Was this long time underground a telluric uprising?

It is no coincidence that the artist-actionist Pyotr Verzilov, once a student of the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University, was standing with the wives of the Azov people at the meeting with the Pope. AzovStal was a symbol, some object of art, an action, a performance.

The exhibition is over, the performance is over, the action is over, the symbol has disintegrated. There is no signifier. The death of AzovStal has been revealed. Opened and trampled.


Last night, a car was blown up on the Mozhaisk Highway, in which Daria Platonova, the daughter of the philosopher Alexander Gelievich Dugin, was driving.

An explosive device was planted under the car, which literally threw the car off the road. The car was smashed so that even the numbers could not be found.

It is worth clarifying a few things.

Dasha was all day long at the Tradition festival at the Zakharovo estate in the Moscow region. We saw her several times during the day, she was inspired and somehow surprisingly beautiful.

Festival “Tradition” was invented by us eight years ago. And this date is not accidental. All these years, he has united, in fact, the same people for whom the Donbass is their own, this is a personal pain.

From the very first festival, when, of course, there was no Z yet, it was the rallying point for all of ours. For those who sing there, in Donbass, work there, serve there. For those who share this tragedy from the very beginning.

And then it became also a family festival. Both participants and guests began to come and visit it, along with their children.

Alexander Gelievich Dugin was our constant guest and friend. And Dasha was always with him.

Last night he was supposed to get into a car with his daughter, but quite randomly drove another car.

Last night, from the festival, from the same common parking lot, they left:

co-organizer of the festival, a longtime friend of the Donbass and its militia commanders, Eduard Boyakov, along with his entire family;

our friend and brother all these years Alexey Dzhango Poddubny with his family;

our friend and brother Dmitry Revyakin with his family and team;

violinist Pyotr Lundstrem with his family.

There were and left from there a little earlier, at the same time or a little later: military commissar and musician Akim Apachev, military commissar and poet Anna Dolgareva, poet from Donetsk Anna Revyakina, friend of Donbass and artist Sergei Puskepalis, friend of Donbass artist Sergei Makhovikov, group “St. John’s wort” – many of ours, all of our own, all relatives in the Donbass.

There were fighters, militias, Donetsk and Lugansk reservists.

And there were a lot of children.

There, everyone’s cars stood side by side, and everyone was moving home in a common traffic jam.

Dasha left a few minutes before the general flow.

These non-humans who did this – they were there, their faces are on the video recorders, they were pushing, grazing, waiting.

They were getting ready.

This crime has names, surnames, customers, and we know who they are and where they are.

We all know this, the whole country.

And this, finally, must be understood and felt by the whole country.

There are no words to express sympathy and condolences to Alexander Dugin.

Dasha was 30 years old.

It’s unbearable.

When a few months ago the FSB detained militants who were going to kill Vladimir Solovyov and Yevgeny Popov, I remember many grinning condescendingly. Well, how, how, they fabricated the case, obviously, who needs them, journalists.

Dasha Platonova was killed at night. Smart, brave, real, Russian man and patriot. We were personally well acquainted, she often visited us on Radio Russia. She certainly would have become a great philosopher in a few years. She was a unique girl. Unique.

And it doesn’t matter if the Ukrainian saboteurs wanted to kill Dasha or her father, Alexander Dugin.

Something else is important. We are dealing with a terrorist state, if anyone else had doubts, now, I hope, there are no doubts left. There will be more assassination attempts. A terrorist, having started killing, does not stop, he needs more blood, more deaths.

Like the Basaev and Gelaev bastards, there were explosions of houses, Moscow and Volgodonsk, and then there were explosions of planes, Nord-Ost, Beslan, explosions in the subway.
To think that the Kyiv terrorists are somehow different is completely wrong. Terror is terror.

That is, all actions in relation to Ukraine can be built only from the understanding that this is not diplomacy, but anti-terror. Unfortunately. I’m not talking about Ukrainians, not about people. I’m talking about power and the political elite.

Give rest, O Lord, to the soul of Your servant, the newly deceased Daria, and forgive her all her sins, voluntary and involuntary, and grant her the Kingdom of Heaven.

Strength to dad, Alexander Gelevich, to survive all this.

In the Moscow region, a couple of hours ago, near the village of Bolshie Vyazemy, the Land Cruiser car of the famous sociologist and political scientist Alexander Dugin exploded.

It is reported that the public figure himself was supposed to ride in the car, but for some reason, his daughter Daria got there instead of him – she died as a result of the explosion.

In connection with the death of the girl, the head of the DPR, Denis Pushilin, has already expressed his condolences, while expressing the version that Ukrainian terrorists were involved in the murder, the target of which was Dugin himself.

Alexander Dugin – the author of the “fourth political theory” – is today the main ideological enemy of Western civilization, whose ideas about creating a Eurasian superpower have become revolutionary in geopolitics. His books are often referred to as nothing more or less than Putin’s plans for foreign policy, and he himself is called “the gray eminence of Putinism.” In 2016, American political expert Glen Beck called Dugin “the most dangerous person in the world.”

Daria Dugina is also known for her journalistic and political activities, this fall she was scheduled to publish her first book about the special operation “Book Z”.

The explosion of Toyota Land Cruiser, during which the journalist Daria Dugina was killed, occurred yesterday at about 21:00 on Mozhayskoye Highway, in the Odintsovo district, near the working village of Bolshie Vyazyomy. Today it is already clear that she, an accidental victim, was aiming at her father, the Russian philosopher and political scientist Alexander Dugin. They write that Dugin was an excellent easy target, since he was not guarded, and his death would have brought a lot of rustle to the entire near-Kremlin information and political party. It is too early to draw many conclusions, but the murder of Dugin is very beneficial for the Kyiv regime – it is pointless to deny it. We have collected for you everything that is known about the tragedy to this minute.

Two cars – the one in which Daria Dugina was returning from the Tradition festival and the one in which her father was driving – moved one after the other. That is why Dugin was the first to be at the scene of the tragedy. The explosion took place before his eyes.

CCTV cameras did not work in the parking lot where Daria and Alexander Dugin left their cars. However, they say that there is still a video of the intruders – they were filmed by the DVRs of other cars.

The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the fact of a murder committed in a generally dangerous way.

Philosopher Alexander Dugin is now in the hospital.

The explosive device was under the seat. Approximately 400 grams of TNT, without shell. It is not yet known whether the IED was on timing or someone pressed the button.

The British Daily Mail, almost without hiding its joy, wrote that Daria Dugina was “torn to pieces in a car explosion near Moscow”, and also called her father Alexander Dugin “Rasputin under Putin” and “the brain of the Russian president.”

Bankova’s reaction to the tragedy is simply discouraging. They really giggle and jump there, not embarrassed that the shadow of the committed crime falls precisely on the Kyiv authorities. For Russian society, the authorities in Ukraine are now terrorists.

We are restoring the chronology of the murder of Daria Dugina in the Moscow region.

18.00 Alexander Dugin gives a lecture “Traditions and History” at the “Tradition” festival in the village of Zakharovo. His daughter is also there as a guest of honor.

21.25 Daria leaves the festival on Land Cruiser Prado. Previously, it was there, in the parking lot, that an explosive device was planted in the car.

Alexander Dugin at the last moment decides to get into another car and follows him.

21.35 The car leaves for Mozhayskoe highway. A powerful explosion occurs near the village of Bolshie Vyazyoma. The IED went off while the vehicle was moving. After the explosion, the car crashed into a fence. Daria Dugina, who was driving an SUV, died on the spot.

The editors of “Tsargrad”: ” Our friend, comrade-in-arms and like-minded person Daria Dugina was killed. She was killed cowardly and vilely. In an attempt to make us, the Russian people, patriots and imperials, hurt as much as possible. once he laid bare his rotten, fetid essence. Having accomplished a hellish deed, he will very soon go to his destination. And the bright Dasha Dugina, no doubt, will be accepted into the Host of Heaven. After all, in earthly life, despite her youth, she was a true Russian warrior. Eternal and bright memory!

Mikhail Tyurenkov, head of the ideological department of Tsargrad, member of the Information Commission of the Moscow City Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church: “Even among men in history, it is rare to find warrior thinkers and warrior thinkers. Dasha was both from a young age. Together with bright sincerity, childish naivety and spiritual purity, the fire of struggle always burned in her. Truly Russian passionarity, that same evangelical “thirst for truth.” Could the daughter of the great Russian thinker, the ideologist of modern Russian conservatism, become an ordinary representative of the “golden youth”, who burns her life in idleness? Yes, easily. But Dasha followed the path of her father: she herself became a philosopher and political scientist (the pseudonym Daria Platonova already says a lot). Quite independent and deep and wise beyond his years. And at the same time – a true leader of the conservative youth, and not only ours. She was well known in Europe and was even called the “Russian Marine Le Pen” (by the way, Dasha had known Le Pen herself for many years). There were many plans, hopes and aspirations ahead. But, apparently, the Lord, without stopping the killer’s hand, decided: Daria is now more needed in the Heavenly Host. I pray for the repose of the soul of the servant of God Daria, I ask the Lord to comfort and strengthen her parents. And I know for sure: like her soul, Dasha’s work did not die. Not in our country, not far beyond its borders. Eternal and bright your memory, dear Dasha! Calm down, Lord!

TG-channel “Zastavny”: “The attack on Dugin has a very clear and distinct meaning, and leads directly to the real customers of this attack, if you know the context. For ordinary crests, and even for the conditional Zelensky, Dugin is some kind of incomprehensible regular Russian philosopher who writes something almost on the table or for a small number of fans. This is if at all people are aware of its existence. But for the American intellectual establishment, Alexander Dugin is literally “Putin’s brain” and “ideologist of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.” In humanitarian circles on the East Coast, Dugin is well known. And if the author of these lines was a full-time employee of the CIA and planned psyop with a clear message to the top leadership of Russia, then he would have chosen the Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin as a priority target, almost definitely. After all, Ilyin is dead, but Dugin is not. After all, in the Kremlin library of the President, Ivan Aleksandrovich is adjacent to Alexander Gelevich. And often stands not only in the closet, but also lies on the presidential table“.

The founder of the Daily Storm, ex-adviser to the chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Anastasia Kashevarova: “ I hoped so much that they deliberately threw in that Daria Dugina died. But no. The murder of Daria Dugina is an act of terrorism. This is an intimidation of true patriots of Russia. < …> kill our idea? Never. These terrorists are so afraid of the Russian world that they are shaking just from our thoughts. Killing not the military, not the security forces, not the authorities, but those who give something more – a soul, a path of development, an idea “This only makes us stronger. Find and destroy those who killed Dasha Dugin .”

Voice of Mordor: ” Just creatures. I have no doubt that this is a terrorist attack and it was against Dugin’s daughter. Such a mean blow. They don’t know how to do it any other way. Daria Platonova (Dugina) was very closely involved in Khristo Grozev and his connections and revealed a lot of interesting things It is reported that Dugin himself was supposed to get into this car, but this is still speculation. Dasha herself could well have been the target of the killers . “

Writer, politician, permanent member of the Izborsk Club Nikolai Starikov: “ If you ask what “crossing the red line” is, I will answer. This is individual terror. The desire to kill Alexander Dugin, which ultimately led to the death of his daughter Daria. Terrorist Carthage should be destroyed! “

Publicist, philosopher Yegor Kholmogorov: ” When you meet a liberal, ask him only one question: – Why did you kill Dasha Dugin? When you meet an American, ask him only one question: – Why did you kill Dasha Dugin? When you meet a creature from the EU, ask him only one question: – Why did you killed Dasha Dugina? When you meet a Ukrainian, don’t ask anything. Hit first .”

Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of RT and Rossiya Segodnya MIA: ” Dugin’s daughter was blown up. She was 30 years old. No words. However, there is one thing. How long? Decision-making centers! Decision-making centers!! Decision-making centers!!! “

Dmitry Bastrakov, editor-in-chief of the Black Hundred publishing house: “ The last time we saw each other in Donetsk was in early June – we drank beer, shared our thoughts on the philosophical essence of this war. I don’t get into the heat, I observe and help from a relatively safe distance.” In the end, the heat found Dasha on its own, and not at all in the war zone. Although are there any other such zones? “

Media technologist Ilya Jansen: ” Absolute anger. Icy, cold fury. The enemy is among us. The enemy walks side by side with us, eats in the same cafes and buys in the same stores. And then mines your car. Any Ukrainian, any peaceful person and just a sympathizer is an enemy who can kill you. Point at your address, help cover a saboteur or personally plant an IED. Remember this. Remember. Every time you look into the eyes of a Ukrainian or a pacifist, remember that he, among other things, killed Dasha Dugina. And he will kill and you if you hesitate .”

Vladimir Rogov, member of the main council of the military-civilian administration of the Zaporozhye region: “In the Moscow region, Daria Dugina was vilely murdered – a car with a girl was blown up. I have no doubt that this was done by the terrorists of the UGIL – the Ukrainian state of Ivano-Frankivsk and Lvov. The target could be both Dasha and her father, Alexander Dugin. This fragile girl led her own struggle against Ukrofascism and its Anglo-Saxon masters. She clearly understood that peace with the Ukronazis was impossible — it could not exist in principle as long as the UGIL existed. Daria conducted investigations into the provocations of the British intelligence agent Khristo Grozev and, among other things, fell under the sanctions of our enemies for this. Dasha’s father, Alexander Dugin, needs no introduction. He is the default target for our enemies. The tragic death of Dasha drew a line under all illusions about the safety of any place in Russia – even Moscow and the Moscow region. There are no safe places as long as the UGIL exists. This malignant terrorist neoplasm with its ideology of hatred must be destroyed to the last carrier. You can start with three Kyiv addresses: st. Bankovaya, 11; st. Vladimirskaya, 33; st. Elektrikov, 33. My deepest condolences to Alexander Gelevich! Eternal memory and the Kingdom of Heaven!

Donbass musician, military commissar Akim Apachev: “On the evening of August 20, I met Daria Platonova and her father Alexander Dugin at the Tradition festival. From the very first seconds, we plunged into the discussion. We talked about the Russian Idea, the Empire and the cultural war. Dasha has always connected the difficult to connect. She was always sharp and deep in her attitude. It was she who showed my songs to Alexander Gelevich, after which he will write the main review in my life: “Those who are against Apachev, against the Empire.” A few hours after this meeting, her car will be blown up in the suburbs. It is obvious that this act of terrorism was being prepared under Dugin. It is also obvious that from today, terrorist attacks are also starting in the Metropolitan Capital, from today there are no more safe places. The only way to secure the country is to destroy our natural enemy sitting in Kyiv, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Nikolaev and other Russian cities. Rest in peace, Daria. You will be avenged!

TG channel Lomovka: ” When the final song “Dark Night” was played at the Tradition festival (at 22.05), which began in complete, mournful darkness (for this, the lights were turned off even in the dressing rooms of the artists), Daria Platonova (Dugina) had already died ” But no one knew this. And all the adults and children gathered at the festival (and there were many of them, because people came in families) sang this song together with the artists. “Death is not terrible, we met with it more than once in the steppe. So now it is circling over me.” The enemy is trying to intimidate us with terror, murders. We cannot be broken by this. But this means that the Rubicon has been crossed. Kiev has switched to individual terror on Russian territory. And terrorists are outlaws. Eternal memory, Daria .”

Political scientist Sergei Karnaukhov: “ What a bright woman she was, how much life was in her. You can write endlessly. Pray for her! Be sure to do it. This is all we can and should now! I don’t know how Alexander Dugin will survive Dasha’s death. I understand how it can be experienced. Today we all felt for one night what Donbass has been going through for 8 long years. The smell of fires hangs in the air, and this is the same smoke from a car explosion. Now it is in every apartment in Moscow. This is a terrible feeling “You watch the footage from the Mozhaisk Highway and feel the acrid fumes that make the pain of the tragedy unbearable. The performer will be detained in the next few hours. You won’t be able to leave. This is a key task. They will go from him to the entire chain of planning and ordering a terrorist attack .”

Writer, publicist Roman Antonovsky: ” Dasha Platonova was one of the brightest people I knew. She alone was worth many, as a Russian blogger, journalist, thinker. <…> Dasha, sleep with the angels! You are our Martyr! “

Forty Forty Movement: ” Daria, Kingdom of Heaven! Our condolences and patience to Alexander Dugin! And to the enemies? Death to the enemies! “

TG channel “Ice ax”: ” Dasha’s death should stop all these stupid disputes between the right, left and other subspecies of Tolkienism. There is only us and them. Russian ideas are now as dangerous as a Russian soldier. And every Russian must make a decision – to surrender to him or fight .”

The investigating authorities of the Main Investigative Directorate of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the Moscow Region opened a criminal case on the fact of a murder committed in a generally dangerous way (clause “e”, part 2, article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

And the Ukronazis and domestic scum, rejoicing, draw up shortlists of Russian journalists, political scientists, cultural figures – those whom they would like to see ” next “

By Treadstone 71

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