The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation first offered a similar explanation for the retreat from the Kharkiv region, but the statements of representatives of the Ministry of Shoigu were criticized by the Russians themselves.

The Kremlin’s acknowledgment of defeat is part of an attempt to soften and direct Putin’s criticism of the Russian Defense Ministry and military command “in uniform,” experts say.

The Kremlin media are now working to absolve the Russian president of any responsibility for the defeat, instead criticizing the defense establishment for lack of awareness of the situation in the Kharkiv region.

Minus another 350 occupants per day! A total of 53,650 Russians were eliminated

The total losses of the Russian invaders during the full-scale invasion of Ukraine:

– personnel ‒ about 53,650 (+350) people were liquidated,
– tanks ‒ 2180 (+5) units,
– armored fighting vehicles ‒ 4665 (+3) units,
– artillery systems – 1290 (+11) units,
– RSZV – 311 units,
– air defense equipment ‒ 167 (+2) units,
– aircraft – 246 (+2) units,
– helicopters – 215 (+2) units,
– UAVs of the operational-tactical level – 908 (+4) units,
– cruise missiles ‒ 233,
– ships/boats ‒ 15 units,
– automotive equipment and tank trucks – 3501 (+32) units,
– special equipment – 120 (+3) units.

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