It is reported that this morning a Russian railway train with military equipment was seen in Minsk, which proceeded towards the Pomyslishche station to the south-west of Minsk.

Also, another Russian train with the military was seen at the Stepyanka railway station. According to preliminary information, the military vehicles had Russian numbers with regions 23 (Krasnodar Territory) and 56 (Orenburg Region). In addition, in Gomel they noticed a column of MLRS (multiple launch rocket system) “Hurricane”, which was moving towards the highway to Chernihiv,… that the movement of military equipment was noticed near the Gomel-Odd railway station and in Slutsk.

Bendith the knee… Russian-Belarusian exercises, which will be held on the territory of the Republic of Belarus,

As part of the implementation of the decision of the Presidents of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation, the General Staffs of the Armed Forces of the two countries have begun planning a joint test of the reaction forces of the Union State (in the context of the upcoming exercise “Allied Resolve – 22”).

The General Staff spoke about the situation near the Belarusian borders, the open secret and the details of the Allied Resolve exercise. According to the Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Belarus – Chief of the Main Operational Directorate Pavel Muraveiko, the build-up of the military contingent near the Belarusian borders causes concern and requires an objective response.
“This reaction will be absolutely adequate and transparent. Together with our Russian colleagues, we will conduct a surprise check of the forces and means of reaction of the Union State,” said Pavel Muraveiko. “At the final stage of this event, an exercise will take place.

The main purpose of the audit will be to assess the readiness of the military component to fulfill the tasks of neutralizing threats on the borders of the Union State.

It is supposed to work out the issues of regrouping over long distances for the rapid creation of groupings of troops (forces), as well as to carry out a number of combat training tasks under the guidance of the commanders of the formations on:

  • covering the State Border on land and in the air;
  • to fight against special operations forces and illegal armed formations;
  • defense and retention of occupied lines;
  • Defeat the enemy.
    /Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus/

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