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Putin Recognizes Surrender to NATO Expansion – Part 1

The current days will go down in history as changing the world order.

So, the number of NATO Special Response Forces will be increased from 40,000 to 300,000. At the same time, these forces are equipped mainly with heavy weapons. And – an additional detail – almost all the power will be directed to the defense of the countries of Eastern Europe.

In fact, we see a real NATO escalation policy.

The NATO summit adopted a new strategic concept of the alliance, in which Russia is called the main threat to security.

China defies our interests, security and values and seeks to undermine the rules-based international order – NATO Summit Communiqué

Positions on Russia and China may seem similar, but they are not. The main security threat is Russia (before that, Beijing was supposed to be on this pedestal). Terrorism follows, and only then China as a “challenge” to the West, but not a threat.

I translate from diplomatic to understandable: China is challenging the Western community and challenges it to a duel, which means we will confront it honestly, according to the rules of a duel – with technology and the economy.

Russia – the main threat to world security – is a peremptory enemy (and not a rival), which means that it must be defeated, destroyed in any possible form. Russia is a civilizational, global evil.

China is not one, in accordance with the position of NATO.

In principle, Beijing, in the context of convening NATO, spoke out in favor of maintaining regional security “around China”, which is why it recommended not to expand NATO in such a way that it would be in Beijing’s underbelly.

NATO did not “openly” answer this remark: it did not say either “yes” or “no”, however, the reduction of the confrontation line with Beijing aroused positive feelings in the CCP – Beijing exhaled.

In addition, we see an act of NATO expansion to the East – to the immediate borders of Russia. So, after the admission of Finland, the “northern neighbor” will be the widest border of the Western alliance with the Russian Federation. At the same time, Finland will “cover” a “water region” that is strategically important for Russia, which can now be demilitarized without problems – anyway, nothing will take off, but will be blown up at launch.

Turkey and Erdogan personally received a number of significant concessions from Finland and Sweden, due to which Erdogan changed his position from “We cannot agree” to “The main issues are settled” in a few hours. Turkey received much more privileges than it deserved, however, fixation on the time period and the urgency factor allowed it to manipulate Washington quite brazenly to quickly push through the concepts of political struggle against the Kurds that Erdogan was interested in.

But in the context of events, this does not really matter – Finland and Sweden are a stone’s throw away from joining NATO, and Putin, who a few months ago demanded “to return NATO to the old borders,” quite calmly “swallowed”, recognizing complete surrender to the expansion of the military bloc.

“We have no problems with Sweden and Finland, which we have with Ukraine. If they want to join NATO, please,” Putin in Ashgabat.

This is a good example of how to properly respond to Putin’s ultimatums. In Russia, power has been usurped by gopniks from the gateway – they understand only the language of brute force, taking any attempt at dialogue as weakness.

Putin Recognizes Surrender to NATO Expansion – Part 2

Russia has been seriously frightened twice in the last 2 days by jumping back.

The first is a case with nuclear weapons for Lukashenka. Peskov was forced to emphasize that Putin was misunderstood, that nuclear weapons were only hypothetically mentioned. The rebound was prompted by NATO’s desire to install medium-range missiles in Poland.

The second is the expansion of NATO. Putin was as impudent as possible (“Get out to the borders of 1997 – you signed secret documents for us”). When NATO did not give a damn about the menacing cries from the bunker and actually took a step towards expansion, the Kremlin capitulated and admitted that it had nothing against NATO expansion – as long as they did not let Ukraine in (now it would be interesting to “let Ukraine” into NATO – the smell of smoke from I would feel the Kremlin in Washington restaurants). And he also has nothing against increasing the response forces by 7.5 times.

In principle, NATO has proved that the only true model of communication with Putin is wiping your feet on his face. Escalation should be answered with escalation, and the Kremlin, playing on a pure bluff, raises its paws and whines plaintively.

In addition, NATO marked a transformation of the concept – a return to the “military-political” origins of confrontation and military defense. Allegorically, NATO has confirmed that it is entering a period of “total war” with the main enemy of mankind – Putin’s Russia.

I can only congratulate Moscow on this. She really wanted attention – and she will get it in full, and then seriously regret every word said, but it will be too late.

And finally – look at the offended Putin, who was offended by Johnson’s “naked torso” –

The children should also be reminded of the student entertainment “multi-move” – ​​the game “toilet diver”.

Bottom line: NATO is moving into a stage of direct escalation and expansion. Putin’s threats do not frighten Washington.

The West remained united. Europe is gradually transforming the desire to “save face” to the desire to “trample the impudent muzzle”. We have seen tough retorts from both Macron and Scholz. (Do not forget that for the domestic consumer, both in France and Germany, remarks about negotiations can be heard – these are “responses” to businesses outraged by inflation: such “local” statements do not have a strategic perspective – the main thing was voiced in the international arena).

In addition, Old Europe has finally begun to intensify military supplies.

The West accepted Putin’s challenge and consolidated rather powerfully.

A strategic course has been taken to completely eliminate the “Russian threat” in the foreseeable future, whatever that means.

By Treadstone 71

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