“Now everything depends on the degree of madness of the ruling Russian elite, which has only two possible moves left,” writes the Belarusian Gulag

Belgian Prime Minister Alexandre de Cros, speaking to the press, said that “the Russian-Ukrainian conflict must be resolved militarily and the alliance will continue to help Kyiv for this as long as it takes.”

In other words, no one in the West is even considering the option of signing a peace treaty (surrender) on the Kremlin’s terms.

Recall that earlier Zelensky repeatedly said that there would be no territorial concessions to the Russian Federation. Both Crimea and Donbass and other temporarily occupied territories are Ukraine.

So it was and so it will be.

It is obvious that Putin’s fucking regime of the Killer, when planning his “special military operation”, did not expect such a development of events.

In a favorable scenario, Kyiv was supposed to fall in three days, in a negative one – in a few months.

The collective West, on the other hand, was assigned the role of a kind of couch observers who did not dare to take risks and agreed to exchange Ukraine for maintaining the existing high standard of living.

But things didn’t go according to plan.

Ukraine survived, and the North Atlantic Alliance accepts Finland and Sweden into its ranks and increases the number of rapid reaction forces near the borders of the Russian Federation to the level of the peak values ​​of the Cold War.

The Kremlin’s challenge was accepted. The stakes have been raised.

Now it all depends on the degree of insanity of the ruling fucking Russian elite, who have only two possible moves left:

1) retreat with great physical and image losses, trying to save at least their own miserable lives;

2) go to the last battle for grandfather Vova, which may well end in a catastrophe on a planetary scale.

3) Open a second front, and draw Belarusians into a meat grinder.

And was it worth it to plunder Rozzia so diligently for decades, building luxurious palaces and buying luxury yachts with the resources taken from ordinary Russians, so that later it all turned into radioactive ashes?

In “Putin’s fucking paradise” you can’t take everything acquired by overwork with you …

By Treadstone 71

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