The Cynic

Putin, having taken full power at the end of 1999, built a parasitic-dependent model of the economy.

Energy resources are actually a “dope” for the economy: they should be used to improve the country’s economic performance, serve as a source of “easy” and quick money for quick reforms, but they cannot be an economic pillar in the long run.

Kungurov: It is necessary to change not just power, but the paradigm of existence. To do this, you will have to go through a catastrophe, which in itself does not create anything, but only destroys the model that has exhausted itself. The catastrophe provides an opportunity to realize the insanity of the path that society has been following for decades and change course. Or – die

Let’s imagine that you inherited a few kilograms of gold. You successfully sell it in small portions, providing yourself with a decent standard of living. But at the same time, you do not invest in yourself in any way – you do not study at the university, you do not open a private business …

The next question is – what will you do when the gold runs out?

Putin personally headed the system that destroyed science, industry, education…

Putin thinks only about momentary benefits. The “energy crisis” unleashed in recent years on an artificial reduction in the level of supplies to the West has become its apogee.

The momentary benefit has been achieved – Russia is getting more here and now, and inflation has risen in the West.

Was this solution effective? No, it is as idiotic as all previous decisions in 22 years of government.

In fact, Putin personally destroyed the entire system of energy lobbyists, which he himself created in Europe.

Now the West, not on its own initiative, but because of Putin’s inappropriate move, has begun not only to abandon Russian energy, but has begun to replace it with both alternative suppliers and alternative sources, which in the future will make Europe completely energy independent.

The trend is as follows – the world has indeed moved from globalization to the phase of protectionism, but this protectionism differs significantly from the previous stages of global development. The new stage is based not on the human mass, but on human individualities (“the world of ideas”, in which “man is irreplaceable”, due to his creative ability) and high technologies (the uniqueness of production is ensured by technologies that are inaccessible to everyone else; thus the world is moving from the phase ” specialization” into the “uniqueization” phase).

If earlier, you could conditionally produce both bottles and drinks, but in terms of volume it was more profitable for you to produce one thing and import the second, now the world is lining up in a system in which subjectivity is possible only with unique production, inaccessible in any serious scale for the rest (chips in Taiwan).

We see a transition from human labor to robot labor, which significantly reduces the value of human potential as a factor in numbers.

It is precisely because of this that the West, as the center of attraction for science and thought, will win the civilizational war, and the East will lose it. People as a mass do not matter. Only people as individuals with non-systemic thinking are important. That is why we will see the crisis of a conservative idea based on traditions – traditions are limitations for thinking. The winners will be those who not only move the frames, but completely destroy them.

During Putin’s rule, Moscow mediocrely merged promising youth and science, transforming the center of gravity of science into a quagmire that stinks of sewage.

Russia does not just have a scientific base – Russia does not even have sources that are able to create this base from scratch. Everyone left. And Russia continues to poke its “traditional idea” while restricting individual freedom, destroying its last remnants.

I remember under Yeltsin people came to Moscow from London with the thought: “This is a new market. There is an opportunity for an unexpected breakthrough, but our market has been “mothballed”.

Now the reverse process is happening – business is leaving Russia, because “there is nothing to do in this desert.”

Putin personally crossed out the possibility for the continued existence of Russia.

By Treadstone 71

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