Some experts believe Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Yemen’s Ansarullah will launch cyber attacks on US positions in response to USterrorism.

A number of messages have been issued in connection with the severe and serious retaliation of the Supreme Leader’s call to arms and many other national and military officials at home and abroad, many analysts and domestic experts. And it drives the outsider to a question, and that is how they will react.

The Lebanese Hezbollah Secretary General issued a statement of condolences on the assassination of the commander of the Quds Corps saying that we are pursuing the just retribution of the murderers and criminals who commit the worst evil in the world and are responsible for the blood of this martyr. It is a trust and responsibility placed on the shoulders of all elements of resistance and mujahideen across the world.

A glance at world-class social media, including Twitter and Instagram, show that words like Iran, Suleimani and World War III are the first trends in the world to further elevate Sardar Suleimani’s prominent face and popularity to Western terrorists.

This comes as many Instagram users announced the release of their post from the US regime’s social network following the announcement of Suleimani’s death. Their accounts have been restricted.

Given the impact of social networking as one of the most important tools and branches in cyberspace and making it the top of the world news, one should expect that cyber warfare could also become a worldwide trend.

Along with all the political and military capabilities and diplomatic aspects available within the country and the full readiness of the relevant authorities in the world and cyberspace, it can also serve as a covert war, and the obvious effects can be one of the possible options. Yemen’s Ansarullah and Hezbollah and even the Palestinian resistance front may strike US positions and infrastructure.

The capacity and motivation among the youth of Hezbollah, the Palestinian Resistance Front and Yemen’s Ansarullah to carry out cyber operations as well as the popularity and key role of Sardar Suleimani in combating US-Israeli terrorism in the last decade can be a major threat. The United States and its most insidious ally, Israel, were seen in West Asia. It looks like the potential of cyber warfare will be a black box in the near future.

By Treadstone 71

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