We thank our supporters, all those who are cooperating with us against the Islamic Republic of #Iran, sending us information and doing lovely hacks! The Servers of one of the bastard members of the group Ashiyane with the name #Satanic2000 who cooperated with the vicious regime, was hacked and our graphic “The Cyber Army Lab Dookhtegan” was proudly posted.

Here are photos of this bastard’s machine before and after it was hacked. After this hack, evidence of the plots of these former members of Ashiyane in cooperation with this hateful regime were sent to us and we will soon expose them. We will expose the identities of all those betrayers in #Ashiyane who cooperated with the regime. There is no power stronger than the power of unity.

Following our commitment to the fight against the vicious Islamic Republic of Iran, we are exposing here the information of one of the members of the former cyber-security hacking team “Ashiyane”, which has cooperated with the regime in identifying the innocent protestors in Iran, especially the students, and locating them. This son of a bitch proudly claims he cooperates with the IRGC.

Name and family name: Shahroukh Mehravar
He uses the username “sir shahroukh” and is a fromer official member of Ashiyane and CEO of the company “Pishgaman-e dad-e-tala-ei haraz” and his personal site is shahroukh.ir. This 33-year-old bastard was born in the city of Amol in Mazandaran and has M.A. in Computer Programming. He is a member of Ashiyane Association’s hacking, security and research team and has close ties with the IRGC.
The phone number of this bastard is: 09111250335

By Treadstone 71

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