Pollution was used as a pretext to close schools. The security forces used the schools as detention centers and operations centers.
According to the reports and observations of #Iranian citizens, this use of the schools are to continue until Friday, December 5.

By re-establishing the Internet and sending more images, we now have a better view of what the oppressors have done.

People have been on the brink of mass protests against the Islamic Republic’s regime since Friday, Oct. 3, with the announcement of a tripling of gas prices in dozens of Iranian cities.

But as always, the government has suppressed their bloodshed and held them hostage and cut them off by shutting down the Internet and connecting people to each other and the outside world.

But even if these protests are suppressed, as they have proven over the years, they will still come to the streets to bury this inhumane regime forever.

The number of detained students is unknown

While numerous reports of student arrests at the University of Tehran have been released during recent protests, the University of Tehran’s security chief spoke with ILNA about the reasons for student detention. According to Ismail Soleimani, there are no statistics on the number of detained students. He went on to say that despite the rumors, the number of arrests is not high and is being magnified in the figures. According to the head of the Tehran University’s security department, 5-6 detained students were released on Thursday.

This is in the context of Tehran’s emergency chief Peyman Sabarian denying the arrest of the protesters by ambulance and claiming that the rumor is unfounded.

He described the reports as rumors and said the sole task of transporting the casualties was to the emergency services, with reports recently of people using ambulances to escape street traffic.

Demonstrations in Shiraz and dealing with Basij motorcyclists and special units

Students of Tehran University with Basijs in November

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