“Sadad 103” monitoring system

SADAD 103 – One of the electro-optical surveillance systems built by the defense industries of the Islamic Republic. The Sadad 103 is an ideal system for long-term surveillance, air, sea and ground operations. The system is designed in a modular structural model (section-by-section) to convert and adapt system performance to the parameters of different types of missions.سداد ۱۰۳The Sadad 103 system is important because it is able to observe longer distances and can be used at night and in adverse weather conditions.

In addition, there is no need for direct human interaction as an observation system using very limited manpower to operate the system.

The system consists of a variety of sensors and controlled equipment, including high-speed lenses, infrared digital cameras, and monitors with variable focus lenses and an integrated laser image stabilization. Therefore, this system is widely used in the care of the country’s borders by the armed forces units.Easy integration, easy installation, advanced image processing algorithm, integrated multiple sensors and modular design to move to the right sensors, are among the features of this system.

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