Statement by the students of Jihad University of Applied Sciences of Mashhad

In relation to harming students of universities all over Iran and dear compatriots and naming them as troublemakers. Considering the closure of universities in most provinces of Iran, on the pretext of nationwide protests and against people's rights, and in response to the widespread killing and arrest of students across the country, we, the students of Mashhad Academic Jihad University of Applied Sciences, protest against the arrest of students and repression We will boycott all…

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Schools used as detention centers #Iran –Main perpetrators behind the slaughter

Pollution was used as a pretext to close schools. The security forces used the schools as detention centers and operations centers. According to the reports and observations of #Iranian citizens, this use of the schools are to continue until Friday, December 5. [wpvideo mVZJn1kK ] By re-establishing the Internet and sending more images, we now have a better view of what the oppressors have done. [wpvideo fL35LeIn ] [wpvideo cVvNl84e ] [wpvideo n38G8WMn ] [wpvideo…

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