Dart Site is back with a new hacker team for the second season!

About 4 months ago, a team called The Avengers was founded, and explanations were published from scratch.  And after a while, due to the busyness of the work, and some problems, the team was closed, and the team was updated to the second advanced level in the name of the GIS team, in cooperation with Malware Team, and G4x Team, and today an interview will take place in an important talk and an important topic today at the hour  11 Egypt time (Cairo)

After completing the first level of explanations, and developing the team members, now the team has returned to the second advanced level, and if you want to join the team, contact the team owner and supervisor:

Intermediate people, professionals will be taken and team members will be developed.
Do not forget a live interview today at 11 Egypt time!