National Critical Intelligence Estimate – Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Professor of Practice, UAS – Cybersecurity Randall K. Nichols, DTM, Kansas State University Polytechnic, Salina KS


  • Executive Summary
  • C-UAS Overview
  • Key Indicators
    • Political
    • US Legislation
    • Economic
    • Military
  • Summary
  • Open Source
  • References

Executive Summary

  • UAS technology is a rapidly growing and dynamic industry
  • US aerospace and privacy laws have been slow to address the developments in this industry
  • There is a domestic and military need for the ability to prevent UAS intrusion AND the ability to deter the offending system, pilot, and command signals

C-UAS Counter Reconnaissance

  • Counter-reconnaissance seeks to undermine the threat’s ability to conduct reconnaissance and surveillance efforts
  • UAS plays a significant role in reconnaissance for both threat and friendly forces;
  • Thus, all counter-reconnaissance plans must account for UAS


UAS Electronic Warfare Operations

  • Electronic Warfare (EW) efforts are integrated through targeting and will occur at all echelons as applicable and must be synchronized

NCIE Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS) in the US

National Critical Intelligence Estimate – KSU

The New Silk Road Impact To The United States

John Hood – Team Leader
Jay Shay – XO
Jordan McDonald
Candice Carter
Randall Mai
Approved by: Prof Randall Nichols


Background: Building the Belt and Road
 Overland Silk Route Risk Assessment
 Maritime Silk Route Risk Assessment
 Chinese Military Buildup to Support New Silk Road
 UAS/UAV Involvement in the New Silk Road
 US Involvement in the New Silk Road
 Risk Assessments, Countermeasures, and Challenges Facing the US
 Conclusions
 References

Background: Building the Belt and Road
 New Silk Road (NSR) China government coined the project ”The Belt and Road” (B&R)
 President Xi Jinping’s “Project of the Century” estimated $1.3 trillion by 2027
 B&R is at the core of China’s foreign policy strategy and was even added to the       Communist Party constitution in 2017

NCIE The New Silk Road Impact To The United States




Drone Attack! Swarm with Hazardous Waste Payload

Once again the Team Flying Dragon from Kansas State University has created a critical intelligence estimate, this time, looking at drone attacks. The team consists of John Boesen, Randy Mai, Carrie Padgette, TL Vincent Salerno with oversight and tutelage from Professor Randall K. Nichols. 210 slides of detailed information focused on hazardous waste in the US and the use of drones to cause harm. The full report is available upon request from Treadstone 71 at – Please provide your name, title, and corporate / university / government email address for access to the report. flydragons

The Agenda

  • Executive Summary
  • Targets: Defenseless Universities (soft targets)
  • Hazardous Material Handling: PPE, antidotes, transport, logistics
  • Substances Used: toxins, location, transport, doses
  • Scenario
  • Consequences: effects, aftermath
  • Recommended Actions
  • Conclusions

fluoroMotive of Terrorist Organization implementing drone attacks

  • Armed, capable of targeting individuals, autos, structures
  • Highly effective at targets, maximize targets
  • Lower cost, risk, no risk to user/pilot
  • Punish, deter, disrupt, degrade, dismantle, defeat
  • Influence mass audience
  • Exceptionally effective in undermining populations
  • Alternative means when other activity cannot be accomplished, as attacking US military

This presentation examines among other things ethical and legal dimensions of on-line behavior regarding cyber security and UAS. It is not intended to turn counterterrorism, information technology or forensics investigators professionals into lawyers. Many of the topics discussed will be concerned with the law and legal implications of certain behaviors.

Every effort is made to provide accurate and complete information. However, at no time during this presentation will legal advice be offered. Any student requiring legal advice should seek services of a lawyer authorized to practice in the appropriate jurisdiction.


This presentation is not about pushing the envelope or hacking, or trying out any of the UAS/UAV/Drone counter-terrorism approaches in our Cases or A/D scenarios in the field.

If you wish to see the complete presentation, contact Treadstone 71 at

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