When you are in the military commissariat, you are in a difficult psychological situation. This situation is created intentionally by the staff of the military registration and enlistment office. Sometimes on purpose, and sometimes because of a bad habit (akin to drunkenness) to dominate young people who come to the draft board.

Sometimes employees of the military registration and enlistment office begin to behave quite aggressively, as they say, not in accordance with business etiquette. They begin to “dig” in the style: “What are you, can’t you serve in the army for a year or something?”. And all sorts of nonsense like: “What are you going to do when your girlfriend is attacked by hooligans”, “Healthy bullies walk around here, proving that they are worthless, mommy’s sons”.

In this situation, you need to cast a SPELL (position, full name). After he introduces himself, say: “You know, I don’t intend to discuss this with you now.”

If you don’t need anything from this person, then just say “Goodbye, Ivan Petrovich.”

Communication with doctors during the medical examination.

Remember the goal! If you plan to receive an exemption for a specific disease, for a specific article of the schedule of diseases, and you have already done all the titanic work of preparing medical documents (see Preparation for a medical examination), forced the military commissar to certify and attach copies of medical documents to your personal file, familiarized yourself with personal file and forced to bring it into line with the requirements of the order of the Ministry of Defense (all your medical documents are glued, filed, the pages of the personal file are numbered, included in the inventory of documents), then you focus on communicating with a specialist doctor who must set this category of suitability. You do not tell all the doctors about the ailments, but all complaints about the problems in connection with your unappealing diagnosis state this particular doctor specialist. You turn to the doctor by name and patronymic (this already creates a sense of responsibility), and say: “Please note that a package of medical documents on the disease is attached to the personal file.”

You need to easily navigate the documents that you attached to your personal file. You are requesting: “Please, fill out the medical examination sheet in accordance with the requirements of the instructions in Order 533“.

Ask the question, what category and what article of the schedule of illnesses are written down for you in the sheet.

If you are told that this does not concern you, say that this directly concerns your state of health, and moreover, failure to disclose this information to a citizen can lead to harm to health.

If you have a conflict situation, then ask to invite the doctor who directs the work of the medical examination commission. Have a dialogue. Don’t get distracted from the goal.

Ask specific questions why the doctor cannot, on the basis of the documents available in the personal file, determine the category of suitability in connection with the diagnosis (name).

Doctors should feel that you will not be writing a complaint against the entire military registration and enlistment office and the draft board, but personally against them.

By Treadstone 71

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