And so, in the turnout desk, the aunts begin to demand from you a summons, ascribed, a passport, while all the documents are in a hurry to pick up, pick up the summons completely, and in some military registration and enlistment offices they take your passport, ascribed and put it along with a personal file, saying that will be returned after the end of the event. It is unacceptable. Such an actual seizure of a passport and ascribed one is a gross violation. You can’t give a notice either. In the personal file, the spine of your summons remains, and the rest remains with you. And keep these agendas at home in a separate folder (just in case).

To avoid manipulation, make simple copies of your documents and do not give the originals to anyone. In hands – only copies, we keep the originals with us.

If, despite your explanations, the aunt is under

continues to demand a passport and everything else with various pretexts, then you put them away, take out a pen and a notebook and say with a smile a magic phrase (“spell”) that you will have to say quite often: “Be kind, please introduce yourself! Your position, first name, last name, patronymic!”

To the questions “Why?”. You answer: “Well, as a citizen, I must understand with whom I communicate. You are now in the performance of your official duties, communicate officially with me, and not in the club. I have to understand with whom I communicate, to whom I show my documents.” Write down the position name in a notebook.

At what point should the “spell” be pronounced at the military registration and enlistment office?

If you are talking with a member of the military enlistment office, and at some point you feel that the conversation is not becoming very pleasant: they want something from you that seems doubtful to you, they tell you something that also seems doubtful to you, the communication itself begins become tense.

Do not bring to a pronounced conflict, but first say a “spell” about the position and full name. Wait for the answer, write it down. And you will feel how everything around you will begin to change.

By the way, if after that an employee of the military commissariat calls someone else for help to communicate with you, then immediately cast the same spell against the new player.

Understand who communicates with you, what kind of event is being carried out against you, whether it is necessary to answer these questions.

Very often, employees of the military registration and enlistment office in the turnout desk, or in the registration department, or in the office of the head of the draft department begin to ask various questions. You are not in court and you do not have the obligation to answer all questions.

If they start asking you for phone numbers and places of work of relatives, which of the relatives live separately and where, what interests you had at school, then there is reason to assume that they fill out the so-called “Questionnaire for parents” from your words. They fill out this questionnaire from words, since the instruction of order 400 of the Ministry of Defense says that when registering for military registration, during a conversation with parents, it turns out … and then a list of positions (such as relatives, including those living separately). However, the Federal Law “On military duty and military service” contains a closed list of information that must be contained in a personal file. And the information that is supposed to be fished out during a conversation with parents and entered into the draftee’s study list is not included in the list contained in the law. And federal law, as you know, is higher than orders and instructions. Those. neither you nor your parents are obligated to answer these questions.

Therefore, open Article 8, Clause 4 of the Federal Law “On military duty and military service” and say the following: “Do I understand correctly that you are now asking questions in order to fill out the draftee’s study sheet? So I have to inform you that I have provided and will provide only the information that is listed in the Federal Law, and not the entire set that is supposed to be collected in accordance with Order 400.

Information about the state of health is contained in the documents that are attached to the personal file (which I will provide to the military commissar for inclusion in the personal file).

If the aunt from the turnout desk or the head of the draft department reports that he will not send the personal file to the office where the event for which you came until you tell everything, then find out the position, name of the employee or employee with whom you communicate and call the garrison the prosecutor’s office and report so loudly that the military registration and enlistment office staff can hear: “What about the garrison prosecutor’s office? (introduce yourself and say where you are, ask and write down who answered the phone). Here an employee of the military commissariat such and such (or anonymous) disrupts the call-up event. I came to the (draft board / medical examination), and the employee of the turnout desk refuses, under a far-fetched pretext, to transfer the personal file to the office where the event is taking place. Take action. Today there will be a written complaint if this outrage does not stop now.”

Hearing your conversation on the phone, employees will change their behavior.

Do not let yourself be drawn into unnecessary conversations, do not feed the trolls.

By Treadstone 71

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