This is just an attempt by military commissars to impede the openness of the work of state bodies (conscription commission) in order to hide violations in the conduct of personal files, in organizing conscription events, etc., etc.

I think that it is necessary to submit a STATEMENT of intention to use a phone with the Internet and the possibility of taking photos and videos directly to the Ministry of Defense and the District Commander.

For information, we recommend attaching the Answer of the Khabarovsk Garrison Prosecutor’s Office dated August 12, 2019 (to a citizen’s complaint against the actions of the military commissar of the Kirovsky and Krasnoflotsky districts of the city of Khabarovsk) in the annex to this application, for information, in which the actions of the military commissar to prohibit citizens from video filming at the draft board are recognized as unlawful.

You can send an appeal to the Ministry of Defense to the electronic reception on the website of the Ministry of Defense, without registering on the website:

Direct to the Commander of the district, having determined which district your city or region or territory belongs to. In total, there are 4 military districts in Russia. A map of the districts can be seen on the website of the Ministry of Defense

In fact, if you make a mistake, it’s also not fatal, because in accordance with the Federal Law “On the Procedure for Considering Appeals from Citizens of the Russian Federation”, if the appeal was received by an official whose authority does not include consideration of this appeal, then this person must redirect the appeal to that official , whose authority includes, as well as notify the applicant, i.e. you, of the fact of the referral.

VIDEO on recruiting

Previously, we advised you to apply in advance for a video at the ACS recruitment committee in advance.

Now we would not recommend doing this in advance, because. The military enlistment office will simply be “on the alert”, and the police squad may already be waiting for the “face” command in one of the rooms.

Tactics must be changed.

If you decide to shoot a video at the draft board, then you should directly hand it to the Chairman and Vice-Chairman at the draft board

Application – notification of video filming.

Most likely they will start talking about the ban. You will ask again whether this ban is for you now to remove the ban on a specific person and whom (write down) or is it a decision of the draft board, which must be adopted by vote and recorded in the minutes.

Most likely, you will be told that this is a face ban. So you say that you will complain about this ban. You begin to call the garrison prosecutor’s office and report an illegal ban.

It won’t resolve the conflict. You can and should argue with them. But do not bring the situation to the point of calling the police squad, because there is no reception against scrap, and handcuffs are not the most successful argument.

Better after the draft board you will make a COMPLAINT against those persons who forbade you, threatened you, etc., etc.

By the way, you can try this move.

Ask the chairman a question: “Will you perform your duties and conduct a meeting of the draft commission if I conduct a video filming? “Continue to argue with them precisely about the groundlessness of their prohibitions and bring it to the point that the chairman or the military commissar will say something like “Leave the premises, we cannot work in such conditions.” Then leave and translate everything into the plane that they disrupted the meeting of the draft board. Call the prosecutor’s office and then write a COMPLAINT about the disruption of the draft board.

If you are faced with prohibitions on the use of a mobile phone, write a COMPLAINT about the violation of your rights by the actions of the military commissar, employees of the military commissariat, members of the draft board.

Movement of conscientious objectors to military service

Sberbank: 4276 5500 5106 4957 (Elena Popova)

Table of contents:

Why are we going

Basic principles:

Where are we going? At the recruiting station or at the military commissariat?

We follow the agenda. With whom, where and about what we communicate in the military registration and enlistment office.

Do not let yourself be drawn into unnecessary conversations, do not feed the trolls.

Communication with doctors during the medical examination.

Not on the agenda in the military registration and enlistment office.

When you don’t need to talk. Phone calls.


Why are we going

Formulate for yourself (and for the people who go with you as support) the purpose of the campaign and always remember why we came to the draft board. The answer “They called me with a summons – that’s what they came” is not the answer of a conscientious objector to military service.

You just don’t have to go to the military. You need to understand the goal and how ready you are for the trip.

We must clearly understand what result we want to get from our body movement, and how we will react on the spot if events begin to develop not in the direction of the intended goal, how we will act after the campaign, based on the results obtained.

You go to events related to the draft (medical examination and the draft board) in order to be recognized as fit for military service and receive a decision from the draft board on granting a study deferral;

You go to the military commissar to certify and attach copies of medical documents (a selection of documents);

you go for a medical examination so that the specialist doctor fills out the medical sheet properly. examination and made a conclusion about the fitness category “B” for a certain article of the schedule of diseases, and the doctor leading the commission made a corresponding entry in the medical examination sheet;

You go to familiarize yourself with a personal file in order to understand what happened at the events, as well as to force it to be brought into proper form;

You go to the draft board so that it makes a specific decision regarding you (on the category of fitness, on granting a deferment, on replacing military service with the ACS, on sending to the ACS, etc.);

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