Plus Today’s Narrative from the onetime masters of deception – Russia and the Disinformation Digest

Zaporizhzhia region:
The occupiers continue to manipulate the pseudo-referendum. It can be held on September 11.

Kherson region:
russian invaders plan to issue residents with their license plates, continuing to impose their standards

Donetsk region:
A “quiet mobilization” has begun in Mariupol. Residents have began to receive SMS messages with the offer to join the “new unit for military service under contract”

Luhansk region:
The occupying authorities of Severodonetsk try to create a picture of “restoration of life”

Kharkiv region:
The russians increase the pressure on entrepreneurs, threatening them with “nationalization” and closing their businesses in order to force them to obtain russian passports

The main narrative promoted by the russian media today

The russian propaganda neglects the call of the President of Ukraine to the Western countries to ban entry to all russians:

Initiative is compared with nationalist moods on the eve of WW II
It’s assured that the rf only wins from the return of repatriates and their funds for sold foreign real estate
It’s stated that 69% of russians have never been abroad, so they won’t feel discomfort
It’s recognized that in the near future, Europe can cease to issue Schengen visas to the russians
Western countries are accused of Russophobia

The European Commission excludes the full termination of visa issuance to the russians, as it’s contrary to EU standards.

The Disinformation Digest

#CCD_detects: during August 11th, the occupiers have been spreading:


“The authorities of Ukraine are preparing a large-scale provocation at the ZNPP in order to blackmail Europe with the threat of a nuclear disaster…”, stated the collaborators-“leaders” of the temporarily occupied territories


“The uncontrolled flow of weapons in Kyiv has already led to a large-scale increase in its smuggling and appearance on the “black market”… according to available information, law enforcement officers of EU countries seize and return to Ukraine hundreds of automatic weapons every month, which illegally come from this country”, stated i.nechayev


“Mass desertion and arbitrary abandonment of positions on the front line by Ukrainian nationalists are being recorded”, stated russian propaganda media with reference to the russian ministry of defense.

The Center for Countering Disinformation is a working body of the National Security and Defense Council. The Center takes measures to counteract current and potential threats, ensures Ukraine’s information security, detects disinformation.

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