For gallantry in the face of overwhelmingly false danger

The scene is set, everyone is in place. You remember now, now speaking and keep your movements slow. Do not look back at the camera. Ready. Action!

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On February 15 this year, at 6.30 am, the duty unit of the Ministry of State Security of the LPR received a message from a resident of the city of Lugansk about the discovery in the square of Friendship of Peoples in the trash bin of an object that looks like an improvised explosive device. The resident always searches through garbage cans at 6AM in the morning when it is completely dark. In fact, the resident searches all cans in that park daily. 
During the survey of the area, MGB officers found and neutralized an improvised explosive device in a trash can near the monument to the Warriors-Internationalists. (Feb 15 Russia commemorates their defeat in Afghanistan)

Employees of the Ministry of State Security of the LPR prevented a terrorist attack in the center of Lugansk. A local resident turned to the security services because he found a suspicious object in the park, where the laying of flowers was supposed to begin a couple of hours later. Arriving, the specialists found and neutralized an IED, consisting of a mobile phone, which was supposed to detonate an IED and two TNT bombs with a total weight of 400 g with steel elements for shrapnel. It is clear that behind this act of terrorism are the same people who planted a similar explosive device in the building of the administration of the Kievsky district of Donetsk at the beginning of February. Operational and investigative activities are ongoing.


How convenient to have a production quality video ready to go that shows a stroll in the park with a bomb sniffing dog on a beautiful day. Well planned but poorly executed fake flag event. Trying to tie a fake event to the ‘overwhelming anger of Ukrainians’ due to the Duma’s expected recognition of LPR and DPR.  

The dog finds the stash, right where RU intelligence said it would be


No team keeping crowds away. No tape, no trucks nearby to seal off the area. All quiet as production of the fake video continues.
Our hero slowly attaches the rope to the highly dangerous explosive. Hey, wait a minute. How did the camera guy get in here.  What if this goes off.  Never mind, I forget this is not real.
The plastic bottle is drawn out without worry of detonation. What a convenient time for the perpetrators to call the bomb phone to kill the bomb squad.


We can’t make this look too sophisticated. There is your phone and look how neatly the steel rods are organized on the ground. Amazing how they just did that.

The explosives must be red like most all dynamite – but plastic explosive like C-4 s normally not this color?
Hey, we have time for a couple of hero monuments. Great effect. Bravo!


We have saved the day!
For gallantry in the face of overwhelmingly false danger

By Treadstone 71

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