Heating up in Azerbaijan

Here is a snapshot of a military flight along the Iranian border with the participation of three American tanker aircraft and a Turkish TB2 drone.

The simultaneous presence of three American tankers over the country indicates the presence of a large number of American fighters.

Recently, the US Air Force has increased the number of flights over border Iraq, and this week has seen a large number of NATO tankers and reconnaissance aircraft flying along Iran’s borders every day.

Ukrainian drone Bayraktar TB2 conducts a reconnaissance flight along the borders of Iran

Following Georgia, Ukraine joined the anti-Iranian coalition.

Israeli media: Azerbaijan takes action against pro-Iranian elements

After Israeli businessmen were targeted in Cyprus by an Azerbaijani assassin deployed by Iran, as well as growing tensions around the Iranian operation “Occupy Khyber” on the border with Azerbaijan, Azerbaijani security forces launched a large-scale operation against pro-Iranian elements in the country.

So far, the operation has included the arrest of activists who tried to promote the ideas of Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Azerbaijan.  It became known on Tuesday that Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev also decided to close the Khamenei mission in Azerbaijan, headed by Ali Akbar Ojagajed.

Meanwhile, in light of the growing tensions in the South Caucasus region, Azerbaijan is considering the possibility of acquiring the Israeli Arrow 3 defense system, an IAI official said.

If the deal goes through, Arrow 3 will be the last acquisition of Baku in the Israeli defense sector.  The very fact that Azerbaijanis are considering buying may indicate a regional change in defense prospects, which entails a shift from offensive to significantly improved defensive capabilities,