November 16

The dream of the Nile to the Euphrates of the Zionist regime and of the global village, which stems from the think tanks and planning centers of Zionism in England and the USA and taking advantage of the neglect and betrayal of Arab countries in the region of West Asia (the Middle East), encounters a huge and solid barrier of the Islamic revolution and the axis of resistance and is doing everything to make it come true their dream.
This conflict has a long historical past such as the struggle of the monotheistic religions against the infidels and polytheists, which appeared today in the framework of the struggles of free Muslims with global Zionism, and will continue until the complete defeat of the infidels and polytheists (who hid themselves under the auspices of the divine religions) by the promised (Muhammad al- Mahdi: The 12th Imam of Twelver Shiism) and his companions. This struggle continues and all free people in the world are obliged to play a role in it.
Indeed, we detest you and what you worship instead of Allah and do not believe in your false beliefs. Enmity and hatred has appeared between us and you forever so that you may believe in Allah (Surat Al-Motahana, verse

Saudi Arabia
The actions of the Saudi regime, which is under the control of global Zionism, are conducting a proxy war with the aim of creating lawlessness and splitting Islamic Iran.
This regime which is like a milking cow in the service of global arrogance, through the establishment of the terrorist organization “International” and support for terrorist organizations active in the provinces of Sistan and Baluchistan, Kurdistan and Khuzestan, led by “the terrorist organization of Mujahideen Khalq (Monafkin)” and “ISIS” led Terrorist actions and aimed at the Sourization of Iran.
There is no doubt that these actions will not go unanswered and will be a severe blow to Islamic Iran and the Hezbollah axis.
Penetrating the cyber infrastructure of the Saudi Ministry of Interior is only a small part of the extensive access to our cyber infrastructure.
Wait for our next slaps.

 وَبَدَا بَينَنَا وَبَينَكُمُ الَدَٰوَةُ وَلٌبَغَزَآءُ forever (Al-Mutahnah 4)

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