Today, January 30, 2023, we, the cyber-activists group CA XXII, make our second important statement:

Our movement has become international!

Our common enemy knows no boundaries – and for us they do not exist either.

We did a lot for a few pasted months, just scroll through our feed – and heart rejoices. And there are more other actions, which we will be able to tell about only after the victory! And our bros from other countries is a part of lots of it.

Well, report done – and we should back to our work. The Kremlin cigarette butt will not extinguish itself, but we will do it together. Connect, who has not yet, and follow for the news.

We uncovered the Green atom.
Gained access to, provider of telecom services in Russia, internet/telephone/cable. Government, business, ordinary users, communication with all customers, we have everything.

Addresses, mysql and ftppasswords, accounts, passports, network equipment, Ip of civil and state companies.

The most interesting is the proof of the existence of the FSS Green Atom project – the installation and maintenance of Convex equipment for spying on Internet/telephone traffic under an agreement with the FSS.

The database contains documents confirming the existence of the project, correspondence between Convex and the FSS. SORM nodes have been identified, and we continues to gain access to related systems.

If it seems to everyone that the FSS ensures security in this way, then it only seems so.
They can’t even protect themselves.

We are CAXXII, and we know it~

By Treadstone 71

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