We are glad to introduce our friends (partners) who have been working in private for a long time.
Now our friends and I are launching a project of a Convenient verified exchanger in Telegram


In our opinion, the most reliable cryptocurrency exchange.

Fast, Safe, Anonymous.

✅ Operations for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, working with cash and non-cash transactions.
✅ Favorable bilateral transit abroad, Europe, Turkey, UAE, USA, CIS.

Offices in all major cities of the Russian Federation, courier service.

For any questions, they will provide advice, help to find a solution in difficult situations.

And so, dear friends, we are very grateful for the trust placed in our exchanger, and we are pleasantly surprised by such a volume of transactions from the start.

But we must inform our customers about certain limits, namely:

– The minimum amount of transit between countries is equivalent to $10.000 (France $15.000)

– Cash exchanges $-₽, withdrawal and deposit of cryptocurrency in the Russian Federation, in the cities: Volgograd, Voronezh, Krasnodar, Rostov, the minimum amount is 100.000₽
Other cities, minimum amount 500.000₽

– Cards, withdrawal and deposit of cryptocurrency to cards of Russian banks, the minimum amount is 35.000₽

* Services for working with cards will be temporarily unavailable, you can use Tinkoff QR codes for this period. We will announce the resumption of the service as soon as possible.

– We also provide a cryptocurrency exchange service, we support any coins, tokens and networks.

May the force of compound interest be with you!

By Treadstone 71

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