#ЦПД_поперейджаје: information about the Belgorod submarine can play into the hands of Russian propaganda

The Italian newspaper La Repubblica spread information manipulation regarding the movement of the Russian submarine “Belgorod”, which was picked up by other world media

Citing what appears to be a NATO intelligence report, La Repubblica writes that “Putin seems close to increasing the level of nuclear confrontation.” According to media reports, there are fears that the mission of the Belgorod submarine, spotted in Arctic waters, is to test the Poseidon nuclear torpedo, which is often called the “Doomsday” warhead, for the first time in history.

As the monitoring testified:

  • As of October 3, 2022, such information has not been made public on the NATO website
  • NATO has been regularly recording the activity of Russian submarines since the Cold War
  • The Alliance announced the modernization of navigation systems and armament of Russian submarines back in 2016

Such unsubstantiated statements by the media only increase the information terrorism of the Russian Federation

NATO has sent an intelligence report to member countries warning of the “missing from the base” of the Russian nuclear submarine K-329 Belgorod, which carries up to 6 Poseidon torpedoes – known as the “Paladin of the Apocalypse” – La Repubblica reported. The US has activated a satellite network to track torpedoes by the temperature the torpedoes emit when they are activated, but they are unable to detect them underwater.

There are 15 warships in the waters of the Mediterranean and Baltic Seas, including 2 nuclear submarines, one aircraft carrier, over 300 sea and air-based cruise missiles.

By Treadstone 71

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