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The actually voiced version that the murder of Dugin’s daughter was a “signal” for his own, in which there is no “Ukrainian trace”, is confirmed by channels connected with the leadership of the Russian Federation.

Brief: The source says that in the case of the murder of Daria Platonova (Dugina), there is no need to rush and let the investigation sort out the details of the crime. The examination is being prepared. “Ukrainian trace” is not a priority.

Nezygar: The ruble is trembling. Why would a terrorist attack against the Dugins have major political consequences?
Location of the attack. It is next to the famous Rublevsky highway. This is where Putin, Medvedev, Patrushev, Sechin live. Almost all members of the government, heads of corporations, heads of the media, leading deputies are there. This terrorist attack is a message to them – be afraid, you may be next.

2. A blow to family members opens the door wide open to fear. After all, if the bosses are still at least somehow protected, then their family members are not. For example, the minister’s wife came to the supermarket, and in the parking lot they planted a mine on her and blew it up.
3. I am sure that today in the families of all big bosses, all members of the government, family meetings. How to protect the car from mining? How to ensure that there is only one person in the cockpit during the launch. How to make sure that a terrorist does not enter the house under the guise of an electrician or a deliverer? Children are given the strictest instructions on how to behave in order to reduce the threat of a terrorist attack.
4. As a result, all political positions will sharply toughen.
5. Terrorists came with terrorist attacks on Rublyovka.

In the parking lot near the venue of the Tradition festival in the Moscow region, which Daria Dugina visited before the tragedy, surveillance cameras have not been working for the past two weeks – REN TV source

Who turned off the cameras in advance and entered the “closed” parking lot, next to which people from the special services hung out? Really…

By Treadstone 71

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