FSB Narrative Control Debunked

So, according to the FSB, the Ukrainian woman is to blame for everything. Her photo is attached. This is the first proof. Among other evidence is a screenshot from the auto.ria website, where the car is being sold as of August 19 … in Kyiv (it is not clear how it was teleported to Moscow). And also like her personal ID. Isn’t it exhaustive? Oh no, judging by the statement, she also left the country on Ukrainian license plates. According to legend, she allegedly lived in the same house with Dugina, spied on her for at least a month, followed her everywhere in a bright red car, and somewhere else got a bunch of TNT right under the noses of the Russian special services. And all this became known a day after the murder – this is the speed of the investigation!

The authorities are so afraid of the partisans that they are ready for any fables in order to maintain the appearance of total control.

In fact, the Ukrainian woman who entered Russia with her daughter and left for Estonia is most likely a refugee from the destroyed Mariupol. There are thousands of such women fleeing the occupied city to Europe through Russia. Playing this story is very convenient for Putin’s special services – they found the “guilty” and have nothing to show.

Dispersed in earnest and would-be conspiracy theorists who everywhere see the “war of the towers.” Neither liberals nor guardians want to believe in the will of the Russian people. But we will remind them of the traditions of the Russian Revolution. For now, the NRA fighters remain safe. And they will let you know.

By the way, how convenient it is to announce the “disclosure of a murder” committed by a woman whom the special services signed up for “Azov”, just before the start of the tribunal in Mariupol over the same “Azov”. Coincidence? We don’t think.

By Treadstone 71

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