Natalya Vovk, who was accused of killing Daria Dugina, was allegedly found dead with 17 stab wounds. She had a note in her hand, according to the Austrian edition of Express.

It is noteworthy that information has already appeared on the Web that the photo of the allegedly murdered Natalia Vovk is a photograph of a dead girl who died several years ago in Moscow.

The murder is fresh, but the photo is not. The newspaper posted an article about the death of Natalia Vovk from 17 stab wounds – a woman was found dead in a rented apartment. However, there is only one photo in the publication – the murder of a 26-year-old Muscovite that happened in 2020.

Russian law enforcement accuse Natalya Vovk of the death of Daria Dugin, the daughter of Alexander Dugin, who is called the ideologist of the “Russian world” and the “philosopher” of Vladimir Putin. Russian media claimed that the girl was blown up in the car in which her father was originally supposed to go.

The Austrian Ministry of Internal Affairs has not confirmed the death of Natalya Vovk, a Ukrainian citizen who, according to the FSB, killed political scientist Daria Dugina. Earlier, the Austrian newspaper Exxpress wrote that Vovk was found dead in a rented apartment with 17 stab wounds and a note in her hand. The publication referred to anonymous Telegram channels that distributed a post with a headline about the murder of Vovk.

The Austrian Ministry of Internal Affairs stated that they did not confirm the accuracy of the information about the death of Natalia Vovk, suspected of the murder of Daria Dugina

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