Military checkpoints in D.C. stopping cars and demanding to see ID. #Proudboys #Uncensored  Proudboys coordinating rerouting in the DC Metro Area

Additional Proud Boys propaganda and incitement:

Capitol police consider your righteous anger to be a “white nationalist insurrection” because they NEED to perpetuate that narrative. The system HAS to frame any unified outpouring of anger among white people as the ultimate evil, when in reality the system is the ultimate evil. The only thing the system perceives as a threat to it’s power is white Americans waking up and regaining their lost sense of unity. They aggress against us every single day, treat us like animals, silence our voices, commit atrocities on the minds of our children, call us the evil ones, and they fear the day when we say no more.

Boogaloo Intel Drop Propaganda



By Treadstone 71

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