Washington DC

Proud Boys Warn of Checkpoints in DC

Military checkpoints in D.C. stopping cars and demanding to see ID. #Proudboys #Uncensored  Proudboys coordinating rerouting in the DC Metro Area [wpvideo K5EpFDO8] Additional Proud Boys propaganda and incitement: Capitol police consider your righteous anger to be a "white nationalist insurrection" because they NEED to perpetuate that narrative. The system HAS to frame any unified outpouring of anger among white people as the ultimate evil, when in reality the system is the ultimate evil. The…

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Washington DC 2020 (Arlington, VA) – 3 Weeks of Intensive Training – 4 Intelligence Courses

Washington DC 2020 (Arlington, VA) - Cyber Intelligence Tradecraft Certification - Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst  03-16-2020 7:45 am - 03-20-2020 5:00 pm  Residence Inn Arlington Courthouse $5,299.00 REGISTER DETAILS The course runs over five consecutive days covering Monday through Friday evening 5 PM. Students are expected to attend each hour of each day since the course is comprehensive with each day building upon the next. Days may start at 7:30 AM. Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks/tea are provided.…

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