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To sum up: the murder of Dugin’s daughter.

The version of “Dugin tried to kill the SBU” was closed by the Russian investigation itself. The distribution of such versions is carried out by clowns from Z-channels, as well as sympathizers who mimic Ukrainian opposition resources: Shariy, Legitimny, etc.

And now let’s pay attention to those who declared themselves the author of the assassination attempt on Dugin. This is the NRA.

Responsibility is taken by a previously unknown project, which, a few hours before the assassination attempt, “sends out” the same manifesto.

But the manifesto is extremely similar to a free interpretation of Lenin’s slogans.

Moreover, the so-called opposition army brings itself into the public plane.

At the same time, in a rigid authoritarian state, there can be only a few options for “military opposition”:

1) The real power vertical of the conspirators, which exists in secret: no one knows about it, and its members are recruited from among especially high ranks, undergoing a long test of loyalty to the shadow opposition. Such people will never publish manifestos, and even more so will not attract attention to themselves through connection with a high-profile murder, but they can hide behind organizations that are under complete control.

2) Opposition “under the hood”, which forms a “loud case” representatives of the special services to identify the same armed cell. Such systems function exclusively in the media, and all “successes” are achieved by special services that strictly control the growth of the movement’s popularity.

3) “Clown” opposition, which is fundraising: appropriates any random events for donations. It does not pose any threat to anyone – it boils only on the Internet.

In fact, we have either option 2 or option 3. But we also see a strict time reference. This means that the team of “conspirators” knew about the attempt on Dugin’s life, so the second option is most likely.

So, this group can act as a “lightning rod”, whose assets will be arrested as a cover for the real customers and executors of the message. That is, mask 2 may hide the first group that activated the game.

There are also reports that the daughter may have been the main target of the assassination.

But this, in essence, does not matter, since before us was effectively demonstrated “a pig’s head on the threshold of a country house.” Dugin is not a “protected” person, so he could well have been neutralized quietly and without much fuss, as they used to do with representatives of Gazprom, whose death we never learned anything about.

But what matters here is the media coverage of the event. It was a direct message to the elites.

The strange publication of the “General of the SVR” in the same time frame as the distribution of the attached manifesto is the links of one tactical chain, the roots of which go deep into the power apparatus. Naturally, the forwarding with “zeroing Ivanych (Putin)” was not accidental: “General” gave enough time for everyone to fix the message.

Two simultaneous throws do not suddenly occur. Moreover, the stuffing was intentional, with clearly expressed “messages”.

In general, no one needed Dugin’s death now, just like Dugin himself, who for some time has been at a serious distance from Putin.

But as a signal, such a contract killing is quite suitable.

And the signal in two directions.

The “Party of Peace” receives the message that the supporters of the war can remove theirs. I warned that they would be shut up back in March, when the “Kiev direction” fell down.

The “party of war” receives a sacrifice on its altar: a sacrifice that says more radicalization is needed, which Putin is not capable of.

On August 20, I wrote that some elites want to skip the war, others want to ignite it, while Putin, feeling weak, wants to freeze it:

The power vertical smelled blood. This is the result of Putin’s failure. We also warned about this on February 24: Putin’s defeat in the war will mark the fall of his authority, and hence his end as a mediator between power structures.

The time has come.

By Treadstone 71

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