Version 4.1.1 of the XINOF ransomware has been released

The most important features added in this version:
– Add panel under Tor to see full details of infected systems.
– Fast and complete network scan, mount and complete encryption of network addresses.
– Convenient and light execution, increase encryption speed.

– ReadOnly files encryption
– Protect the main server and panel using interface servers.
– Detect the end of encryption operations and display the message box.
– Auto Shot Down Server if you need to
– Fixed minor bugs and improved ransomware performance

Information in the ransomware panel:
Ranking of the highest paid countries (coming soon)
Number of infected systems
Total payments
Number of payments

Infected system information:
ID, private key
Windows version, antivirus
IP, half host
Time zone, country, keyboard languages
The amount of encrypted data
Ransomware version
Ransomware status (running or completing encryption)