Recruitment advertising PMC “Wagner”
Successful work in the Donbass certainly increased the prestige of this PMC and, of course, attracts new applicants. It can be expected that in “hot countries” interest in cooperation will also increase, but there, even before the NWO, there was very great interest in contracts with Wagner, especially in Africa. Now, obviously, it will become even higher. First you work for your reputation, and then your reputation starts working for you.

Lisichansk, Popasnaya, Severodonetsk – PMC “Wagner” fighters destroy nationalists in the hottest spots of the military operation in Ukraine.

Unlike the contingent of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, our troops are real professionals and valiant warriors fighting for a just cause!

If you also want to get into the legendary unit and take part in the liberation of the entire Donbass from Ukrainian nationalists, contact us:

Telegram and WhatsApp:
+7 (988) 322-43-37
+7 (918) 095-40-16


By Treadstone 71

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