Ashrar Response

— شرنامه —

GIST – Unfortunately, the news of one of the IRGC cyber battalions in reaction to the article that we published and our activities are likely to be fired, and an old friend and old member of Muro who closed the case targeted. ….home and checked their system and took the hard drive, interrogated him at home, accused him of false and unbelievable charges, and threatened to take all their data.
While he has not been active for a long time, and he has not even been in this circle or as a hobby.
The basic charges of espionage for the United States and Israel have been made in the article, we criticized the United States, and there was no political dissent from any faction or country or anything, and only the truth was expressed.
Many times this happens, but this time they were tortured and interrogated without a warrant illegally by a former and innocent member.
And while torture and psychological pressures did not work and the intelligence gained was useless because they did not really have anything of value and he was unaware and was not arrested. …

We did not do anything harmful and the goal was only to help our country and the people, and to understand. We never got the enemies of the people who are just looking for their own interests, and they themselves introduce the friend and the angel of saving people, like America.

…We are always criticized for keeping track of what you are looking for… And we’ve always criticized and attacked everything that seemed false and wrong. We are hackers hacking.

Beating by a former member of the forced confession team was beyond our expectations.

If this happens to be repeated, the news comes in details to the networks and the readers and the media and we know that this is by no means good.

From this platform, I want both comrades and hackers and activists to avoid the similar situation by avoiding counteraction and cyberattacking to the organs and organizations of the cyberwar army.

Keep this in mind. The bastion is not silent. It must continue in the battle against Shaghad until it lives in the body

Instead of mocking an innocent person …you have to calm the people and the country, or follow those loyal emulators and depositors of debt and embezzlement.