Message from a Muslim to DGSI agents:

We Muslims want the French army to leave our lands and stop attacking us on our lands, the same lands where we want to establish an Islamic state, that is to say a state governed by the legislation of our religion.  Stop your invasions which have no meaning, you are, in spite of yourself, participating in the awakening of Muslims all over the world who are rising up against your military invasions (Operation Barkhane and Operation Chammal), you are in the process of  “radicalize” Muslims as you say.  Understand that jihad is an integral part of our religion and that defensive jihad is an OBLIGATION for every Muslim in the world as long as the invading disbelieving enemy is still present on our lands.  Failure to act with diplomacy and foresight will lead you into a war that will never end and this asymmetric war will cost you a lot in the long run.

By Treadstone 71

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