Proud Boys Interference “confrontation it the US”, creating tension among the US civilians” #LabDookhtegan

You have Probably heard during the US elections about a group called the “Proud Boys”. The document that is called “proud boys Interference-English.pdf” displays a scheme plotted by the cyber terrorists of Eeleyanet Gostar, led by Shirinkar that is subordinated to the terrorist IRGC cyber led by Amir Lashgarian. This document explains a plan of sending fake messages on behalf of the “Proud Boys” group:

But what was the content of these messages? What terrible scenario Khamenei and his cyber terrorists have planned?
You can see a part of these fake messages in the documents that are called the “Fraud Content – Proud Boys.pdf” and ” Electoral Fraud in US 2020 Elections – English.pdf”.
All of the fake messages were plotted and written by the unit “Shahid Shoshtari” (aka Eeleyanet Gostar) that is subordinated to IRGC’s cyber, and were authorized by the Islamic Republic of Iran, led by Khamenei. These messages were sent on behalf of the “proud boys” group to specific targets according to the plan suggested in document “Proud Boys Interference-English.pdf”.

In the document called “Electoral Fraud in US 2020 Elections – English.pdf” the terroristic goals were clearly marked:

“confrontation it the US”, “creating tension among the US civilians”, “reinforcement of confrontation between the American parties”.
This document explains the details and stages of the scheme of interfering the US elections.

The IRGC’s cyber terrorists have thought of another way:
Besides sending fake messages, the document “The Elections Project – English.pdf” suggested another way for the IRGC’s cyber terrorists to interfere the elections: “harming the registration process”, “contaminating the voters systems”, “presenting false content in the end of the registration”, “causing confrontation by creating diversion” and “creating fake videos”.

Also in this document the terroristic goals of the scheme were clearly marked: “reinforcing tension in order to escalate the instability and chaos in the American society by claiming that there is a fraud among the election candidates. That is through presenting a misrepresentation that the infrastructure of the elections isn’t safe”. In other words, the IRGC’s cyber terrorists, intended to create a conversation about fraud in the elections by the direct order of Khamenei in order to give rise to chaos across the US.

In this document you can clearly see the different scenarios, their goals, stages, systems access and specific time for executing these terror activities. If you read this document, you would see that these scenrios were divided to two stages: before the elections and after them, and each of them has a different goal.

We are sharing you one of the fake videos that is related to document “Proud Boys Interference-English.pdf”. This video was produced by the cyber terrorists of the IRGC, and was posted on youtube.
Yet, after youtube discovered that this video is fake, they took it off their website.

To sum up, Khamenei in the document called “The Elections Project – English.pdf” says: “in my opinion, for the US There is no greater enemy than its nation itself”.
The question we need to ask is: “does the Iranian nation has a greater enemy than the terroristic regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran”?
The regime that determines the balouch as a smugglers, the regime that determines the people in the south of Iran that doesn’t have water as separatists, the regime defines the protestors as rebels.
To be continued…