June 22, at 15:00 Moscow time, the operation began to withdraw from the dock. Mitrofanov and further transportation of the nuclear submarine K-3 “Leninsky Komsomol” to Vyborg to the Vyborg Shipyard. The Media Deck team witnessed the withdrawal from the dock of the first Soviet nuclear submarine, which is preparing to become the central exposition of the Museum of Naval Glory in Kronstadt, which is being created in the tourist and recreational cluster “Island of Forts” .

Recall that “Leninsky Komsomol” stood in the dock of KMOLZ in December 2021. This was preceded by the transportation of the submarine from the Nerpa shipyard to the Gulf of Finland with the help of the Sviyaga transport dock. The process took 43 days. During this time, the boat passed the route along the Barents and White Seas, the locks of the White Sea-Baltic Canal, the Onega and Ladoga lakes, and under the drawbridges of St. Petersburg.

Documentation and design support for the repair of “Lenin Komsomol” was carried out by specialists of JSC SPMBM “Malakhit”.

The withdrawal of the nuclear submarine from the dock was carried out with the help of two LenVMB tugs – “RB-27” and “RB-393”.

The withdrawal of the nuclear submarine from the dock was carried out with the help of two LenVMB tugs – “RB-27” and “RB-383”. They will tow the submarine to Vyborg, where, with the help of “dead anchors”, it will be installed on the Atlant submersible barge – the only one in Russia suitable for transporting a ship of this size and capable of raising it to the level of the berth in the Moby Dik port in Kronstadt, from where it is possible transport the submarine using self-propelled axles through the city road network to the museum building under construction on the Citadel Highway.

On board the Atlant barge, for greater maneuverability when moving around the city, the boat will be divided into two parts according to the donor compartment.

Land transportation is planned to be carried out in one night. Along the way, more than 70 road structures will have to be dismantled and then restored – signs, lighting masts, traffic lights, two overpasses of the heating network, more than 800 meters of curbs, etc.

After transportation, K-3 will be installed in the design position in the building of the future Museum of Naval Glory, specially designed for ground placement of more than a hundred-meter submarine.

Already on site, work will be completed to restore its external appearance, the restoration of interiors and the formation of an exposition will begin.

By Treadstone 71

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